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Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by mattbrent, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. mattbrent

    mattbrent Active Member

    Howdy folks!

    In my Higher Ed class tonight, we learned that the university has obtained approval from SACS to begin offering a PhD in Education starting in the Fall. The degree will be similar to the EdD, but it will require 6 more credit hours in a minor field. More information should be coming out soon.

    I may end up switching to that if it looks good enough!

  2. trustbuddy

    trustbuddy New Member

    Good news. Definitely something I will consider in the future.
  3. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly

    Maybe. I'll wait to see what the specifics are. If we're talking about courses that would interest me either way, then I'll consider switching.
  4. DxD=D^2

    DxD=D^2 Member

    That's great news.
  5. DxD=D^2

    DxD=D^2 Member

    Update: I just spoke with UotC and they advised me that they are offering the PhD program online, now. It's just two more classes than the Ed.D. At the tuition rate, I find it to be a great deal! They don't have it listed online. You have to speak with them if you're interested about it, since they don't have it publicized yet.
  6. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly

    A few things:

    1. The new program is called a PhD in Leadership, not a PhD in Education.

    2. The two extra courses are an additional course in research and an additional course called "Leadership Fundamentals".

    3. The dissertation is slightly different. According to the new catalog: "Although a PhD student may pursue applied research as a dissertation topic, it is expected that an approved dissertation will be built upon a more thorough theoretical foundation than a similar project that culminates in an EdD dissertation."

    That's all. While it wouldn't make a huge difference either way, I think my purposes would be slightly better served by a degree in Leadership than one in Educational Leadership, so I've asked them to switch me over.
  7. DxD=D^2

    DxD=D^2 Member

    I just wish they would publicize the new degree offering online. It sounds like a great deal and flexible way to get your research doctorate in leadership. ;)
  8. novadar

    novadar Member

    Steve, I trawled the Cumberland's site for a while but unlike Forrest Gump, "I can't find nuthin 'bout" this new program.

    Any pointers or "'s" you can share?
  9. mattbrent

    mattbrent Active Member

    Interesting, because that's not what was said in my class. I guess we'll just have to wait until the official information comes out.

  10. brianlegg

    brianlegg New Member

    Can you speak on the differences between the EdD and the PhD with regards to the specialization? I read that in the EdD you have to choose 18 SH of a specialized course. Will the PhD narrow or broaden this requierement?

  11. mattbrent

    mattbrent Active Member

    After I read the new catalog, it appears the programs are identical with the difference being that the PhD requires 2 more courses. From what I can tell, the 18 hour specialization remains the same for both programs.

  12. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly

    Also, the dissertation for the PhD is supposed to address theory more, and the one for the EdD is supposed to address practice more. But they really are extremely similar.

    Anyway, Brian jump in, I think you'll like it.
  13. brianlegg

    brianlegg New Member

    Steve and Matt,
    Thank you both for providing such good information. Is there anyway to share a link to the new catalog? I found the 2013-2014 online, but that seems to be the latest they have posted.

    I will have to consider this option. It sounds great so far. I really like the specialization aspect.
  14. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly

    Hmm... I think maybe it was emailed to me? And I don't have it now, I don't have my main laptop with me, since I'm in Dominica presently and left it behind this time around. Honestly, if the catalog isn't on the site yet, then just email them and ask and I bet they'll send it to you. Mrs. Debbie Wood is the office manager for the department and she's very responsive.
  15. brianlegg

    brianlegg New Member

    I will drop her a line. Thanks again.
  16. Gbssurvivor1

    Gbssurvivor1 Member

    Hello All!!!

    I am very interested in the UC PhD in Leadership program as well. I find it a bit odd that the PhD is not in Educational Leadership considering that the program is nearly exactly the same... Is that odd or is is just me? Anyhoo, I am about to complete the DM at CTU and I have really enjoyed the program for the most part. Yet, I still would like to have that every elusive PhD... With that, I have a Masters in Leadership already so I think the foundation is laid. I have spoken with a few people that attend there and they seem quite happy. I do have a couple of questions, if anyone of you current students can possibly answer, are students require to begin with and stay with a cohort? I have some months that are quite busy at work... Also, I noticed in the 2013 catalog, it states that there are weekly chats that are 1.5 hrs. that you are to attend synchronously... I may have to work and miss some live chats so is that a major issue???
    Thank you all in advance,

  17. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly

    Live sessions are recorded. Both my instructors so far have allowed me to miss live sessions and view the recording later without penalty. I don't know whether they're necessarily obligated to allow this, though.

    Anyway, while this is a good program for me, I can't imagine doing it if I'd already just earned a doctorate. Since you already have a DM, I can't imagine how you'd ever get sufficient return on such a considerable additional investment of money and effort. But it's your call.
  18. Gbssurvivor1

    Gbssurvivor1 Member

    Thank you Steve!!!

    Thank you for the information Steve,

    I was fortunate in that I was awarded an employee scholarship so my DM is going to be nearly free. Quite honestly, I really wanted a PhD in Criminal Justice but I could not find a program close enough or one that I could afford online. With that, I did just receive the 2013-2014 Catalog from UC and they now have a Criminal Justice concentration that you can pursue as a part of your EdD or PhD... Sounds odd getting an EdD with a CJ but my plans would be to pursue the PhD in Leadership with a concentration in CJ. That would set me perfect! I retire in about 5-6 years so hopefully I could continue to teach and do some research.

    Thanks again for the input!

  19. TMW2009

    TMW2009 New Member

    I'm not sure what's new but the catalog lists the following:

  20. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly

    While they allow these as concentrations, that doesn't necessarily mean they offer all the courses you would need to complete them. In some cases, you might have to take those courses elsewhere and transfer them in. They accept up to 18 credits in transfer, which is the size of a concentration. At this point I would urge you to contact their Admissions department and ask questions to get the right answers for sure. They are friendly and helpful, and will not badger you the moment they get your contact information the way a lot of schools do.

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