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    It's a relatively new program, in it's second year.

    I was accepted last Spring and meant to begin this semester. However, my start date was able to be deferred until next fall because of some family issues.

    So far it seems like a great program. Just three residency demands (orientation, "dissertation boot camp", and dissertation defense)... the rest of the program is completed at a distance, and in collaboration with your advisor.

    It's cross-disciplinary in the School of Health Science, so a person can individualize their work fairly well. There is also a 15 credit minimum for taking education-related courses, and doing a teaching internship.

    The tuition is around $445 per credit hour, and they are willing to accept up to 21 transfer credits from a clinical health-related masters degree (29 if you attended USD for your masters).

    I hope that this is helpful for anyone interested.
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    South Dakota has some interesting programs and certs. A Masters in Kinesiology and Sports Management. A Masters in Music. Etc. Good luck with your program.

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