University of People Adjunct Jobs pay 600-675 per course

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    I guess that they have to pay you if they expect 15 hours a week for the course and we know that this is usually the minimum hours that you will be dedicating to grading and answering questions. I cannot see a full-time professor as a volunteer considering that one course takes your time to rest.
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    It's an honorarium, a token gesture of appreciation, and to cover minor expenses. While it's still taxable income, it's really not pay per se, although some would argue the semantics.
    There are a lot of believers in UOP throughout academia, simply look at their academic partners, which brings many full-time professors to volunteer with them. Would certainly imagine they also provide a training ground for many aspiring faculty members who are trying to build up their curriculum vitae.
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    In 2012, I wanted to volunteer at UoP. But, the hours required were more than the hours required by other online courses. So, I was not able to volunteer. But, these courses help instructors to get experience before they can apply to any part-time position somewhere else.
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    Not that there's anything wrong with this, but I gather that a lot of them are in lower income countries where that amount of money goes a lot further.
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    I am a volunteer adjunct at UoP (outside of teaching at Penn State and EGCC). The honorarium is based on how many students you have in class, the degree level you have, and whether you are teaching undergrad or grad courses. The below chart shows the honorarium volunteers are paid based on their course:

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    From reports I've read over the years, most of your time there is going to be spent grading discussion posts and handling peer grading disputes. If that's changed, I'd like to hear about it and how.
  8. Stephen Molchan

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    From my experience teaching there, a majority of my time is spent grading and answering student questions on the material. UoP uses a peer grading model so instructors only have to grade certain assignments and then look over peer-assessed grades to ensure they are fair. I don't spend much time grading discussion posts.
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    Thanks for your insight.

    Does UoP hire volunteer adjuncts from other countries as Steve mentioned? Or are all faculty US-based?

    Also, how much time do you dedicate to each class for both preparation and teaching (e.g. 10, 15, 20 hours a week?)
  10. Stephen Molchan

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    I'm not sure if they hire outside of the US. For the amount of time I spend on prep and teaching, I would say a total of 10 hours would be fair. This was much more when I did my first class there but now I have all of my discussion resources and other course materials saved which I can easily repost and refer students to. UoP gives instructors 7 days to grade assignments after the due date but I normally get them done within 2-3 days.
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    UoP student here.

    I've had two undergrad profs that were US-based.
    One was in local law enforcement, got some grad degree, somehow ended up teaching here and then overseas, came back, got into insurance claims. He liked what UoP stood for and wanted to continue teaching while staying at his full-time job.
    Another had grad degree in project management I think, worked full-time, but believed in UoP and wanted to teach.
    I didn't get the impression either was looking to advance in teaching.

    I had a computer sci prof based in Asia, and one in Africa. The Asian guy was a full-time systems admin, the other guy was a programmer but I don't know what his employment status was.

    Each had one or more master degrees from their native continents.
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    How frequently do their hire?
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    UofP maybe good for getting some experience on the resume .
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    What does the process of applying entail? What are they looking for? What is the typical experience for an UoP like?

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