University of People Adjunct Jobs pay 600-675 per course

Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by smartdegree, Sep 8, 2021.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Well-Known Member

    I really don’t understand why they think peer grading is the way to go. Perhaps to reduce the workload of the low paid professors. Heck, if the material is predetermined and they have peer grading, does it really matter who is the “professor?
  2. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    I do think reducing workload is part of it. The other part is connecting you more deeply to the material by having you evaluate others responses whether good or bad.
  3. housecat

    housecat Member

    I've read some absolutely furious fire-laced reviews of UoP before, basically the accusations of UoP being an Israeli school trying to parade around as a US-based school and being run by a highly-dubious, previously convicted CEO. Also no tuition but administration fee is still not free as they like to promote as free-tuition, come on, that IS dirty. And accreditation is basically equivalent to not-accredited.

    Not sure if this is true, but the articles were quite detailed and I have no idea what to make of the situation, and I know that WES Canada is absolutely not having it.

    Any thoughts, comments, or pointers to good threads on the matter?
  4. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    There is one person, who might be dealing with mental health issues, going to various places online to spread their University of the People conspiracy theory. That person is also anti-Semitic. I think they were banned from They kept posting crazy, unsubstantiated accusations there. You can tell by their wording that it's the same person on Reddit and other places.

    That isn't the first time that's happened. One person had a vendetta against Straighterline and stalked and doxxed one of the members who challenged them. Most recently, there was a person who hated Western Governors University, for some reason, and would make false accusations on that same forum.

    University of the People is a newer school that is accredited by DEAC but is applying for regional accreditation. It's common for new distance learning colleges to get DEAC accreditation first since it's cheaper and faster. Being that DEAC is in the former national accreditation category, there can be some limitations when it comes to transfer credits, graduate school admissions, academic employment, and immigration, but DEAC is recognized by the Department of Education.
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  5. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    National accreditation is fully accepted inside the US. WES Canada evaluates only regional accreditation as equivalent to Canadian degrees, but NA schools are perfectly serviceable inside the US.
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  6. housecat

    housecat Member

    Wooooooooooooooow I'm glad I asked! Yeah from what I read there was an abundance of venom in the remarks, so this makes more sense, also if what was said was true UoP wouldn't be anywhere near as popular. That makes sense now, thank you! :D
  7. housecat

    housecat Member

    :nod: that makes sense! :D
  8. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    At this point, whenever I see someone complaining that someone or something is Israeli I just assume the triple parentheses are implied.

    (Good faith objections to Israeli policy towards Palestinians excepted.)
  9. housecat

    housecat Member

    Well my position is whenever a country is masking as teaching in another, what are they really trying to hide?

    The position of the complaints I read stated that it was happening because they wanted to sell to Arabic-speaking people, and this is why there is an Arabic translation on the website, and as Israelis they could not sell to them directly. Also, it would look better to be based in USA as ghost entity, as the USA post-secondary is respected.

    However, this information on was explained to me as false information, so I write it off as such; there wasn't much in the way of credible sources in the original complaints, and a lot of venom and bias in the statements.

    I still won't use UoPeople, but that is due to not being accepted by WES Canada, they are only accredited by DEAC.
    Also, it has been recommended that I check out WGU by a very knowledgeable and well-respected person on the forums.

    I have no stake/knowledge/interest of that region's current conflict.
  10. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    My understanding is that the University of the People is a non-profit based in California, and that it owns an OPM in Tel Aviv that basically provides all the services for the university. I'm sure some people around here would find that nefarious, but I don't.

    Out of curiosity, for what? You already have a Master's degree.
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  11. housecat

    housecat Member

    Well I mean it's what showed up on Google for me, and it being a novel approach one does initially wonder :D

    Well in my history I was snaked out of my MBA not due to academics, but a change in funding which I heard through back channels the university out right lied to the student funding agency on official documents about hours, types of teaching, accreditation, etc., etc., but trying to take that the legal route, I might as well just get a degree elsewhere for cheaper.

    So being scorned I want to get an MBA in Data Analytics, and a MSc CompSci in Artificial Intelligence.

    I really want the MBA title, I have basically done all the work for it, and I could do an MBA top-up degree and just write the thesis, but I really want it in Data Analytics, which to be honest, I know I can do because I have completed software development and AI diplomas at community college. It is all hands-on too, building small scale AI things (GANs, image generation, NLP, etc.,) which I like. But really I have passion for data analysis and AI. I figured one of each would top it off nicely.

    True, I already have a MSc, but I am just not ready/have discovered the passion for the doctorate. When I finally decide on doctoral studies, if I ever do, it will be interesting.

    TBH though I haven't found the offer that fits me for a doctorate, so I feel it's perhaps a mix of things.

    At any rate, perhaps I feel I need a decade of experience in Data Science before I feel I should approach a doctorate. Also I fear having a doctorate on my resume will over-qualify me for positions.

    I am still taking long walks next to the lake thinking about this stuff tbh. Sometimes it's sitting on the lookout bench. There's a nice bench over-looking the lake to the island where the overly-affluent houses are. Actually now I think about it the houses are over-valued by a large margin. Maybe I should get that reventure app after all and look into it...
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  12. Vicki

    Vicki Well-Known Member

    I understand the optics. It does sometimes seem like a ghost. It seems they only hire instructors in the US…. Giving them the ability to call themselves a US school. Everyone else is hired in India, Indonesia, Argentina….

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