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    I've been researching several online Doctorate of Business Administration programs and came across The University of Newcastle, located on the American Sentinel University website. It looks like ASU and some type of partnership with UN.

    I was wondering what accredition The University of Newcastle holds. I would call them directly, but I'm unsure as to how to dial international phone numbers. Does it hold the same recognition as from a recognized accreditor from the U.S.? Also, I was researching the tuition rate and found that it was $1880.00 in Australian dollars, per 10 units studied. So, is each class considered three (3) credit units?

    I did a conversion from Australian to American dollars and came up with $1465.46. This equates to approximately $146.50 per credit unit. The program also stated that the fees include all materials, including books. This seems too good to be true, compared to any doctorate program here in the U.S.
  2. I can answer part of your query only. The University of Newcastle is a legitimate public university in this country and is fully accredited here. What status that means in your country, I can't be sure but it should be the same as all other Australian universities. There are only a couple of non-state universities here.

    Rather than try to phone with the different time zones , eastern Australia is about 18 hours ahead of the US west coast, you may be better off e-mailing. You may find that most staff are on leave at this time of year.

    Normally to ring into Australia from overseas you may need to dial your own international access number then 61 for Australia, 2 for New South Wales then the actual number.
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    There is a concept called Generally Accepted Accrediting Principles which essentially says that if a university is legitimate by the standards of its home country, it's legitimate elsewhere. Thanks!
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    Newcastle's DBA

    One without MBA (3 stages):
    8 courses + 6 courses + 4 research courses & a dissertation

    One with MBA (if maximum exemption of 8 courses are granted):
    2 stages:
    6 courses + 4 research courses & a dissertation

    Each course is 10 units

    Newcastle does better in science than in business:

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