University of Michigan reaches $490 million settlement in abuse case

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    I read the itemization of other multi-victim abuse cases - Larry Nassar, Jerry Sandusky etc. The majority (but not all) of abuse victims see to have been victimized through college athletics. Nobody at the top seems to be watching for even the most blatant of serial offenders. And when one is sussed, it still takes years to ferret them out and deal with them. Others cover up and/or pretend no knowledge.

    The whole field of college athletics needs a ground-up rebuild AND downsizing, starting with detecting and eliminating sexual predators. College sports are not "too big to fail." These cases are evidence that they have already failed -- abjectly. There is NO amount of money to be made, that will sanction this type of cover-up. Never will be. We need the offenders apprehended as near the get-go as possible. How those who cover for them sleep at night -- for years on end - I have no idea. Such people contribute almost as much to the wrecking of individuals' lives, as do the offenders themselves.
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    Didn't you read the article? The money will be shared among over 1000 people. Each will have close to 1/2 million dollars.

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