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    Does anyone have any information about or has anyone had any experience with the University of Management and Technology (UMT)? (

    I have searched this forum but cannot seem to find anything on it. I entered "UMT" in the "search" function and was directed to the IT/Computer forums but I still did not see any mention of UMT. Finally I put the school's name in Google where I learned that the school was previously called the "Institute of Leadership and Management".

    I am interested in getting a second bachelors degree in Computer Science after I finish at CUP next year, so I was looking for some reputable and affordable programs. I explored the website and saw that the school is DETC accredited and the faculty seem pretty impressive (to me). Apparently, the school is B&M also and are located in Arlington, VA. I inquired via an Internet form and received an email from an admissions representative who says that the cost is $750 per course and that the courses can be completed at one's own pace; and also that none of the exams are proctored. This information is different at the website, however, so I was hoping that perhaps someone here has some additional information.
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    I don't know anything about UMT but I am interested in what you CUP classes are like in terms of course workload and student/professor and student/student interaction.
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    The Pentagon, the Cemetary, and my house

    No, sorry. I'm glad you asked, though, since they're in my home town of Arlington, Virginia -- I'm always glad to learn about what's happening back there. Please let us know if you learn more!

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    "UMT is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC, "

    Looks like a American Military University clone.

    Nationally - not Regionally accredited - not a problem in the Fed government -but a possible problem later on in life as at least one 0-5 in ROTC has discovered.
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    So Far, So Good...

    jimnagrom is correct. The University of Management and Technology is accredited by the DETC. They are up for renewal this month (January 2014).

    As a currently enrolled student at UMT, I've found that the school is very accommodating to working adults, such as myself. I work full-time, and am currently taking a FT course load (15 credits). The work is in no way easy; nor is it too difficult. The majority of UMT's classes are self-paced.

    There *is* a proctored exam that is required as per DETC regulations for *each* degree attempted/earned. If the student 1. does not take it, or 2. takes it and fails (there is one re-take allowed- although it's possible to fail a second time) then the student will NOT graduate.
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    Graduate Programs

    Current enrolled in the MSM program. So far so good. It is writing/project intensive, however, the professors are all pretty knowledgeable and helpful. I had one class where I just couldn't seem to get any consistent grading out of the professor, but it's quite possible that it was my work that was inconsistent for that particular class.

    I like the program, though and I've toyed with the idea of entering their MBA program when I finish with the MSM.
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    I received both undergraduate and graduate degrees from a NA school. University of Management and Technology. I have a Master of Science degree in Management and, have not had a problem receiving calls from employers for HR, Adjunct Faculty,project manager, analyst, program management and general management positions. It has been difficult for me to see the merit in the argument of those who speak ill of NA schools. I’ve had plenty of interaction, professional and personal, with people who’ve graduated from RA schools. I’ve been surprised at their lack of post-secondary level acumen. Any education at its core, will manifest itself by what the student puts into it, and how they apply it in the field. Having the degree will get you an interview, but unless one can articulate the concepts of their specialty, and if hired, apply it to the firm to increase bottom line and add value, they will go back to the drawing board RA, or NA degree. This school is recognized by the U.S. Department of education, CHEA( Council for Higher Education Accreditation) and DETC(Distance Education and Training). They also have programs that have (program accreditation) from PMI(Project Management Institute) as well as AAPM(American Academy of Project Managers ). I am still active duty, (Air Force) and just to ensure I have future success, I have attended career fairs and job interviews and, as I stated earlier, haven't hard a problem, getting offers. It has helped me serve on boards, and help me get hired for an Adjunct Faculty position, so I'm experiencing the payback. :D .. Plus the military also, recognizes national accreditation for commissioning programs.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Good Luck! I have been searching for online adjunct position, but not able to find any. Even though all my degree from regional accredited universities. However, I have heard that the pays suck that you have to put lot of hours into it with little pay. I applied to Western Governors University twice, but never heard back from them.
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    Faux News strikes again....

    Jesus, what a hatchet job. Nothing but innuendo from the start to the end. I mean, what's supposed to be a big deal here? That the FBI raided them years ago without actually shutting them down? That Chen was an officer in the PLA in the '80s? That she said no on her citizenship application to having been a communist, which is not necessarily even untrue since only about 8% of Chinese are members of the CCP? That a university collects information about current and prospective students?

    Basically, unless you unquestioningly believe everything that the FBI snitch said, there's no story here at all, and even if you do it's still just a he said/she said situation.
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    wait . . . just . . . a minute. Are you trying to say that Fox news, that bastion of conservatism, is actually a purveyor of fake news? :wall:
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