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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by rei, May 13, 2009.

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    I am interested in getting a 2nd bachelor's in finance/accounting via UoL external system. I am a little hesitant, however, because I don't know what the diploma says.
    If lead college is LSE, does it show in the diploma?
    Does it say anywhere UoL "external system"? If it does, does it diminish the prestige of UoL?

    If anyone has any thoughts or experience, please let me know. Thank you....
  2. Orson

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    No worries, I say...

    Unless you are in the UK, I doubt it matters. Most people know "University of London," but only cognoscenti and geeks know "LSE." Besides, with the lead college being LSE, you really have BOTH - and thus the best in a distance degree, regardless.

    As for "external," I don't believe so. Besides, Uni rules require the same requirements and merits of both, whether internal or external.
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    This looks very similar to my Postgraduate diploma, except that mine does state "having studied as an external student". I'm in the epidemiology program.

    I've enjoyed the program and think I"ve learned a lot, but it's been really hard.
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    "External" doesn't necessarily mean anything bad, right? For example, I am an external doctoral student at my home university (5,000 miles away), which simply means that I do not have a position at the U while studying (like most doctoral students do).

    Especially, when you are at your second degree, there are so many reasons not to be at the place. At to be honest: at some point in your academic career, you've had enough of 20 classmates discussing their weird thoughts in a B&M setting...;)

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