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    I hadn't posted here in a while. I received an MPH degree some time ago, mainly after quite a bit of information from this board. I have taken a couple of classes and will likely finish a second master's degree at the University of Florida. I have been a pharmacist for 32 years (I have the old BS degree) and am a pharmacy director for a hospital in Oklahoma. I started classes in Managed Care Pharmacy/Pharmacoeconomics and have found the programs, classes and process to be enjoyable. Perhaps a bit pricey but comparative to other programs not overly so, of course I am not sure an inexpensive college is totally available. I am into my third class, taking two a year as my work will pay for one and I can pay for the other. I really don't intend to do anything with it, although I have begun working with some self-insured companies on pharmacy costs. Overall I have to say I highly recommend and have enjoyed it. Of course keep in mind at this time in my career I am not looking to climb a ladder or find another job.
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    Congratulations! Actually I feel the online degree programs provided by universities in US always are not 100% online ones, in that regards, not that friendly to international applicants.

    Not sure what other people would think. Certainly I'm not talking about the diploma mills or for-profit universities there.
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