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  1. scubasteveiu

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    OK. Long story short. I was in class last night (capitol live lecture online) and the topic of post MS came up in the text chat. Someone said they were going for their PhD. I had to ask. They noted the "University of Fairfax" and gave the following link ~

    Now, I am sure you are thinking the same thing - hmm ... ".net".

    So, does anyone have any information about this school? I am simply curious more than anything. It would be a shame if this is a fluke b/c it really does appear they have nice curriculum (to me).

    Also, when doing my google on this school there is also a Fairfax U ~ in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  2. Rich Douglas

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    Traditionally designed school, offering classroom-based instruction in a very narrow area (information systems). Has gone through the relatively rigorous licensing process in Virginia, but is not accredited. Pretty new, so we'll see what they do about accreditation. Faculty have accredited degrees.

    Degrees awarded come from an unaccredited school. But it looks like the school is reaching out to partner with industry, which should improve that acceptability. But all cautions related to pursuing a degree from an unaccredited school apply. At least until/if they get accredited.

    "Fairfax" refers to the county they're located in, most of which is unincorporated (despite having more than 1.2 million people living in it). I live in Fairfax County, but my community is unincorporated. I think the only two actual cities in Fairfax County are Fairfax (tiny) and Vienna (tinier). The rest is run by the county, and is very suburban/residential, not rural.
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  3. scubasteveiu

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    Thank you for you time. Good information.

    They do not post any tuition rates in their site, nor do they talk about the educational medium. I sent then an email, waiting for a reply.
  4. SteveFoerster

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    Northern Virginia trivia

    Fairfax City is an incorporated city; Vienna is an incorporated town. Clifton and Herndon are also incorporated towns in Fairfax County. Clifton is absurdly small; I think all the incorporated municipalities in Fairfax are just accidents of history.

  5. BillDayson

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  6. John Bear

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    And in the matter of the 'other' Fairfax, the one with the Louisiana address that I was briefly involved with in 1986 . . . I've had two inquiries in the last two weeks from current students who are somewhere between concerned and alarmed that they have been unable to get in touch with the school for more than a month . . . and their faculty mentors, they say, have also been unable.

    This is what happens when I call their official number:

    "Mailbox for Nicholas Smith is full You are being transfered to an attendant."
    Phone rings.
    "Mailbox 1201: You cannot leave a message for this mailbox.
    You are being transferred to an attendant."
    Phone rings; then stops.

    This seems very odd. I wonder what's up.
  7. chuckstop

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    A internet search for Victor Berlin shows him to be a faculty member of the Keller Graduate School of DeVry University. Their listing shows him to be president of the Potomac Education Foundation (founder of Fairfax according to the Fairfax site). The odd thing is I cannot find a Potomac site. Must be a very small foundation.
  8. scubasteveiu

    scubasteveiu New Member

    Just recieved an email from the "U"

    From :
    Kenneth Lambright <[email protected]>

    Hello Steve,

    Thank you for inquiring about University of Fairfax. Attached are
    documents for your review. Please call 703-790-3200 x106 for further
    assistance in scheduling your teleconference.

    There is still time to enroll in the May 7, 2005 class start.
    Application forms and Summary Charts are enclosed.

    The University of Fairfax offers both ONSITE/ONLINE options for the
    MSIS in Information Security and a Ph.D. in Information Assurance
    Policy. The summary charts are attached and clearly outline the terms
    and course layout per term. The program takes an executive level
    approach and uses a cohort model. $895 is the cost per credit. Each
    course is project (deliverables) driven.

    Eligible security certifications are awarded in a scholarship and
    applied against tuition, but do not waive the student out of courses.

    The State Council of Higher Education of Virginia certified the
    University of Fairfax in May 2002. The University will initiate the
    regional accreditation process at the completion of the first Ph.D.

    Please review the attachments and email all of your questions to
    [email protected] or call 703-790-3200.

    Note: MSIS - 14 months
    Ph.D. - 2.5 years minimum


    Kenneth Lambright
    office of Enrollment Management
    2070 Chain Bridge Road, G-100
    Vienna, VA 22182

    Main 703-790-3200
    Fax 703-790-3201
  9. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member


    In other words:

    WARNING! Do NOT consider this school until after the completion of the first Ph.D. cohort!

  10. scubasteveiu

    scubasteveiu New Member

    Well – Nova is still my primary consideration, but I am always looking for “up and comers” (NCU) for a no / limited residency PhD.
    The Fairfax tuition is, in my opinion, very high especially when you consider the lack of accreditation.
  11. Rich Douglas

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    Re: Northern Virginia trivia

    Quite right. I wonder if Reston is also incorporated? (Entirely OT and rhetorical; don't answer that....)
  12. Migara

    Migara member

    Re: Fairfax University...

    Below is an email i received from Dr. Alan Jones refarding Fairfax University...

    Dear Migara

    This email is being sent to you 'confidentially'. I cannot comment at the moment on the events that have impacted on Fairfax in recent months and that have led to where the institution is presently at. I am part of a group advising on ways forward which, I hope, will be announced within the next 6-8 weeks. The web site is about to be taken down and re-constructed. At the time of the re-launch I am hopeful that the 'new look' institution will be able to announce a set of new, more robust, and up-to-date set of activities and administration. That certainly, as I understand it, is the aim of those people currently involved in the re-vamping of Fairfax.

    Alan Jones
  13. SteveFoerster

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    Re: Re: Northern Virginia trivia

    Sorry, can't help responding, especially since I used to live in Reston. :) No, it's not incorporated. It's a special entity, being one of the first big planned communities, and is one of the world's largest condo associations. See the site for more.

  14. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Thank you for that information, Migara. May we learn when the Alan Jones letter was sent? Thanks.
  15. scubasteveiu

    scubasteveiu New Member

    Today I received a follow-up email urging for a "teleconference". I am all for good service and even good salesmanship, but this might be a bit much.
    Maybe the do require some good phone time to explain their incredibly high tuition.

    Hello Steve,

    Hopefully at this time you have received an email with information on
    the University of Fairfax. In order for you to have a complete
    understanding of the graduate programs and fellowships offered it is
    important that we schedule a brief conference by phone. Please call or
    email me with a couple of 20 minute time blocks that you will have
    available for the week of May 9, 2005.

    If you have a resume electronically stored, please email that as well.

    Feel free to call me at your earliest convenience and look forward to
    assisting you in achieving your academic and career goals.


    Kenneth Lambright
    University of Fairfax
    Admissions Officer
    2070 Chainbridge Road
    Suite G-100
    Vienna, VA 22182
    703-790-3200 x106
    [email protected]
  16. Migara

    Migara member

    Dr. Bear,

    Dr, Jones email was sent on the April 19, 2005. The email address he used was Jones Alan ([email protected]).

    I hope it is of use to anyone whose wanting to get hold Dr. Jones.


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