University of Derby - Bachelor's in Computing and Information Technologies for £7,875 GBP!

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  1. nomaduser

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    University of Derby has Bachelor's degree in Computing and IT top-up program for £5,250 GBP:

    This program requires an advanced diploma to get in.

    I found University of Derby has a program that issues the required diploma for £2,625 GBP:

    "The knowledge and skills gained from studying this programme will enhance your ability to develop your career and/or enrich your professional practice. Furthermore, the programme may enhance your academic ambitions which may include progressing to the Computing and Information Technologies (Top-Up) BSc (Hons) degree."

    This means, you can first take University of Derby's diploma program for £2,625 GBP, then get into that £5,250 GBP Bachelor's program!

    So you can get your IT bachelor's degree for only £7,875 GBP in under two years!
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    £7,875 GBP is $9,974 USD.

    So if you can spare at least $10k in two years, you can try this instead of the big three (TESU, Excelsior, Charter Oak).
    This doesn't require any CLEP, DSST, exams.

    You get the diploma, and then bachelor's degree through University of Derby. It won't require any external exams.

    University of Derby has some academic recognition, so this could be the best IT degree deal you can find on the internet:
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    University of Derby's buildings look really nice!
  4. Johann

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    Caution. Great school, great program, (I think, anyway) but - I can see how it might cost you more than GBP 7,000-odd. The diploma is designed as a one-year program - it says that the degree top-up can be one or two years (depending on what you've attained by entry, I guess.) Since the diploma is a one-year program, I'm guessing some diploma grads will fit into a two-year post-diploma top up, earning their degrees after a normal three years of study - and an extra GBP 5,250.

    If you read the whole thing, you'll note the diploma program is not really designed for anyone to learn IT from scratch - it's intended (it says) for those with experience in the industry. So I'm thinking those with the most background, plus very strong achievement in the diploma may be the only folks who earn the degree in one year post-diploma.

    Still a good deal at 3 years and GBP 12,000-odd. Just so you know I think it could come to that... or maybe not.
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    This is true. So, if you have years of work experience in IT, you'll be admitted to the diploma program. But if you don't have this, you may need to get some other qualifications to get into the diploma program.

    This is ideal for people who are in IT business but don't have any qualification.

    Entry requirements for diploma program

    You need to have one of the following:

    • HND or foundation degree in a computing subject from a UK university - or international equivalent recognised by NARIC (National Recognition Information Centre)
    • Edexcel BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Computing and Systems Development - 2010 QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework)
    • British Computer Society (BCS) Diploma in IT (level 5) - including completion of the professional project
    • HNC in computing subject plus at least 3 years relevant work experience in a computing role*
    • Evidence of significant work and life experience which may be taken as the equivalent of traditional qualifications
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    Please consult with advisors at University of Derby... I make these forum threads to show you guys what I find. But I could be missing some details.
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    And we all appreciate what you do. Great work. Sometimes, I make it my mission to hunt down details. My natural orientation - my ex-wife used to find it very annoying.
  8. Johann

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    (Sigh.) It's like so much in life. So often, you need to have a car to get a car - or you need to have a job to get a job. Here, you need to have a diploma to get a diploma. It never ends...
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    Maybe you can ask University of Derby if they can use this diploma as a substitute:

    University of Oxford's department of continuing education offers this IT diploma for about 4k GBP! this program doesn't require much to get in.
    Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in IT Systems Analysis and Design (Online)
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    " An Undergraduate Advanced Diploma will be awarded on completion of the course. Outstanding performance will qualify for a Distinction. You will be invited to receive your Advanced Diploma at the annual Awards Ceremony of the Department for Continuing Education, held at Oxford’s Sheldonian Theatre.

    Students are eligible for the award of 60 transferable credit (CATS) points at FHEQ Level 6 on successful completion of the one-year course. Credit points may be transferred to the Open University, modular universities such as Oxford Brookes University, and other institutions of Higher Education. For further information about transfer of credit, contact the Student Adviser on +44 (0)1865 280355 or [email protected]. "
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  11. Johann

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    Right! An Oxford diploma should get you in pretty well anywhere!

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