University of Cambridge - Diploma in Creative Writing (Online & Only £2k GBP!)

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    Continuing Education department at University of Cambridge has an online undergraduate diploma program for only £2,150 GBP!

    The program is normally not offered online but due to COVID-19, they changed it into an online program. There'll be no face-to-face meeting!

    "For the 2020-2021 Academic Year this course is being taught remotely. This means there will be no face-to-face teaching and you will not need to be present in person in Cambridge. The course content will be delivered, and the learning outcomes met, through the use of video-based teaching platforms and a dedicated course Virtual Learning Environment. ”

    "This one-year part-time course is one of two Diplomas in this discipline offered by the Institute of Continuing Education and is designed for those who have completed a Certificate in Creative Writing or who have appropriate knowledge, experience and enthusiasm in this field."

    The diploma will give you transferable credits.

    Duration: 1 year part time
    Home: £2,150
    Overseas: £2,150
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    Undergraduate Diploma in Coaching (Deadline: 22 Jun 2021, Price: £3,950)

    Undergraduate Diploma in Creativity Theory, History and Philosophy (Deadline: 06 Sep 2021, Price: £2,950)

    Undergraduate Diploma in History of Art: Renaissance and Baroque (Deadline: 06 Sep 2021, Price: £2,250)

    Undergraduate Diploma in Archaeology: Conflict Archaeology and Heritage (Deadline: 06 Sep 2021, Price: £2,250)

    Undergraduate Diploma in Genetics (Deadline: 06 Sep 2021, Price: £2,250)
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    The creative writing one gives you 60 units. That's half an academic year in UK. It progresses, they say, to any of several Master's degrees in various aspects of creative writing (Thrillers etc.) But they don't show you how to complete the bachelor's you'd need first. I guess that's a totally different package. One size does not fit all, I guess.

    Hmmm- same as my creative writing cert. from a Canadian Uni., earned about 20 years ago. Same amount of credit, too. Don't think another one would do me any good. Not bad for others, though. Certainly a bigger name - and close to what I paid 20 years ago. For Cambridge, I'd say that's pretty good.
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