University of Atlanta's New DBA Program

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    looked interesting until:

    "The University of Atlanta is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).
    DETC is recognized by the United States Department of Education and listed by CHEA as a nationally-recognized accrediting agency"
  3. Rich Douglas

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    Posted on another thread:

    Nice price, assuming you can accept (a) the limitations of its accreditation, (b) its utter non-presence in academia, and (c) its former reputation (under a different name).

    At that price, however, one might wonder what they're not doing/providing?

    Not a lot of faculty information. Names and positions of a great number of their administration, but it seems they did not choose to publish bios, vitas, or even sources of degrees.

    Glad they finally made it to Atlanta, though. Throught they'd have to adopt the interim name "Interstate 85 University" or something.
  4. jek2839

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    LOL!! :)

    Dr. Douglas, I enjoyed this particular response.
  5. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Wile they seem to improve under the new name and recognized accreditation I
    think that they do deserve a chance.

    Not all schools that achieved DETC accreditation remained in the business AICS
    no longer around ( I forgot it new name).

    I think they made a good decision in choosing schools name.

    I think University of Atlanta sounds very solid and a good business marketing move.

    I always though for example that SUNY was a better name then Regents college or now Excelsior.

    Looking at the UA site I see their connection with AAPM. (easy PM certification entity) I don't like what I see there.
    As AAPM is partially run by UA President.
  6. Ian Anderson

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    Actually Excelsior/Regents was not part of SUNY - It was USNY (and that is what is on my diploma).
  7. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member


    Yes my typo.
    The University of the State of New York.

    So today is the diploma states that EC or USNY or both?
  8. morganplus8

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    Humour us and tell us what name they operated under prior to U of A? Might as well provide the "social service" if you are that concerned about newbies, it just makes sense to follow up here.

    Their Wedsite is a busy one, and their name sounds much better than CIU. So which school is better? If they deliver on their promises, you'll be able to get a JD from them, hmmmn?
  9. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Effective March 15, 2006, Barrington University will adopt the name:
    University of Atlanta

    The changes made to curriculum, the Virtual Campus, and various student services over the last year have been extraordinary! The decision to change the name of the University reflects our commitment to quality education and overall growth of the institution. We believe (and hope that you will agree) that the University of Atlanta name will bring recognition and distinction to all who carry its seal on their degree.

    We understand that you may have several questions regarding this decision and have attempted to provide answers to those which are commonly asked.

    What exactly is changing?
    The name is changing. This means that we must change the website and all other University publications to now, proudly display University of Atlanta.

    Why is a new name necessary?
    The University has put a great deal of effort into enhancing your student experience and providing you with the best education possible. The University of Atlanta name is one that we can all be proud to carry. It is new and fresh; yet, it is instantly recognized. Just as Atlanta was a rebuilt city – so too is University of Atlanta a rebuilt institution; bigger and better than ever before!
  10. morganplus8

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    Thanks for the link Lerner,

    Perhaps we should have a sticky for DETC Accredited degree mills??
  11. Randell1234

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    Are you saying DETC schools are degree mills?
  12. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    There is no such a thing.
    There is protectionism and competition,
    What you just did is a low blow.

    I congratulate any unaccredited school that razed the bar, made improvements and achieved recognized accreditation.
    They deserve a chance.

    DETC accreditation:

    DETC accreditation is twice as frequent: DETC does a complete, fresh review every five years, not every 7 or 10 years as most regionals do.
    DETC does an in-depth program by program individual evaluation of curricula, before any students may be enrolled, using qualified professors and teachers primarily from regionally accredited universities. Regionals are not equipped to do individual content reviews of each program a college offers.
    DETC accreditation standards are specific to the distance education environment, and they go into far more depth on the unique aspects of learning at a distance by various modes than any general set of accrediting criteria. Subject matter experts, for example, measure a distance program against more than 100 different points of measurement, ranging from outcomes to reading level to depth of examinations to examination turn around time.
    DETC has far more extensive, specific and comprehensive and prescriptive standards for marketing practice, financial assessment, refund policies, and consumer protection rules than any regional agency.
    DETCs’ national minimum tuition refund policy is a model for others. And DETC has standards that address Internet marketing tactics and affirmative consumer disclosures.
    DETC has one of the most practical, time-tested outcomes assessment procedures for institutions to follow that is felt to be far more prescriptive and specific than the generalized outcomes processes of most regional bodies.
    DETC has specialized in perfecting standards and rules for distance study institutions for over a half century. DETC has conducted over 3,000 onsite accrediting visits to distance education institutions since 1955, making it the clear leader in distance learning accreditation from an experience perspective.
    DETC’s staff has, collectively, over a century of tenure with DETC, giving it one of the richest repositories of corporate memory about distance learning accreditation in the world today.
  13. morganplus8

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    If you followed the bouncing ball you might be inclined to think my comment was meant to be facetious. My ONLY concern with this school is the fact that their staff is not duly represented on their Website. That's it.
  14. TCord1964

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    Yet another thread that has quickly degenerated into DETC bashing. This is rather tiresome and old. It's like a Dungeons and Dragons club sitting around and arguing about whether Star Trek or Star Wars is better.

    And some of you wonder why there isn't as much participation on this board as there used to be.
  15. Rich Douglas

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    This is innacurate. The predecessor of Excelsior was most certainly NOT "SUNY." It was run by the NY Board of Regents, whose official title (which appeared on the diplomas) was (and is) The University of the State of New York. They run the SUNY system, but their degrees didn't come from SUNY.
  16. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Yes it was a typo I corrected in a later reply.

    I do think that name of the university as The University of the State of New York sounds more serious that EC or RC.

    Is the name The University of the State of New York still appears on diplomas today?

    Is full name then is Excelsior college of the University of the State of New York?
  17. ShotoJuku

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    The diploma says:

    Member of the University of the State of New York
  18. ShotoJuku

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  19. tomball

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    Yep it does!


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