University of Arkansas - eVersity Going Away

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    Well, if the diplomas have these names on them - I'd prefer a Grantham one. Long standing, better known. I haven't yet looked at how much of a monetary difference it makes, but I'd think it's definitely worth something. And I don't mean $10-15 a credit. More than that, by a long shot.

    Looks like progress comes at a price. Not unusual. Everything else does...

    BTW. Don't like the name eVersity. e-anything sounds faddish and from earlier days of the Net. Like those "e-degrees" a school in India was offering me for for $49. They were a terrific value --- for $49. But I wouldn't want to pay substantial money for "e-anything."
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  3. Johann

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    ... Don't like the name "e-Cornell" either. Like Cornell just fine. Go Big Red!
  4. LearningAddict

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    Could you expand on this program from India? I hadn't heard of it before and I'm interested in learning about it.
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    It's "e-degrees" are their trademarked thingy. All their courses are business and computer related. I think they have many more nowadays. They have expanded the list considerably since I first looked there. E-degrees were $49 back then. You can always, if you want, buy lifetime access to everything for about the price of ONE RA credit. ($329) Not one course - one CREDIT. The e-degrees I looked at back then consisted of maybe 9-10 courses in a single area -e.g. Javascript, Python, etc. About $5 a course. If you worked it out. some were as low as 6-7 cents a video lecture.

    *** They have some crazy-low discount deals. ***
    (They also had some freebie courses that were very very good. I still have some.)

    I made a post at the time:
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    Yes, this name is much better. If you encountered it without knowing the backstory, you could easily assume it was a branch campus in Grantham, AR, a place you would think you’d be able to find on a map, if you cared enough to look…
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    I don't know much about Arkansas place names. I know Osceola - home of the Dipsy Doodle Club. It's famous.

    I know Forrest City. Home of Forrest City Joe, a great bluesman from around there.

    I don't know much about Arkansas places, but I know a fair bit about most of these people, all born in Arkansas:

    Great State for Blues. Education? Now what would I know about that? :)
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    It is good that the institute is absorb into another one. It is a horrible name.
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    I kind of get this because the e also stands for Executive, and they offer mostly non-degree programs.

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