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    Their US affiliates, not named, are in San Diego and Cheyenne. I bet the Cheyenne one is a beauty.

    You get dual degrees from themselves and a foreign affiliate. I would have questions about that.
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    I'll see what I can find out, but my first reaction is that this is on the order of some of the Swiss "free universities": far less than meets the eye. Initial questions: does this have any kind of genuine accreditation or endorsement for business education; where are the rest of the faculty; what are the "partner universities"; why is everything dual degree; why is there a picture of Martin Mull next to the blurb on the president; what's the castle bit; what's the relationship to other tertiary institutions in Eindhoven?
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    The link above leads to a list maintained by the Belgian Embassy of legitimate universities in Belgium. Click on the wee mortarboard to get the list. (I do not know if the term "accredited" is used and have no wish to get mired in casuistry about that.) This Universiteit Brasschaat-Eindhoven is not there.

    Inquiries to various local luminaries in Brasschaat turned up no awareness of this institution.

    The picture of the building in Cheyenne is pretty obviously the Wyoming state capitol; the pix from Eindhoven NL is of the Technische Universiteit--a real university with no apparent connection to this institution.

    Further, the AACSB website does NOT list this as an accredited school, and states "AACSB International membership does not confer AACSB accreditation and should not be interpreted as achieving accreditation."
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    In an earlier edition of Bears' Guide, I did a cartoon of a man holding a huge diploma from Ostrogotz-Plakatz University, claiming they had 'the biggest diploma in the business.'

    I can't remember where the name came from, other than that there was some anecdote about it in The Artists and Writers Cookbook.

    But I suggest Ostrogotz-Plakatz might be playing Brasschaat-Eindhoven in the Hyphenation Bowl.

    Which brings up the question: are there any real hyphenated universities out there, other than Heriot-Watt, of course?
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    Of course! There's Kennedy-Western University. Oh, wait a minute. You said real. Never mind.

    (I nominate National-Louis University to the list, however.)
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    Wow! Put glasses on him and he is the spiting image of Mull!
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    One reason might be that Eindoven is in the Netherlands, and not in Belgium...

    The other reason might be that it would not even be on the Dutch list, since it´s not an official Dutch university at all (but moreoever a degree mill).

    The only Dutch university in Eindhoven ist this one:
    (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)

    For those being interested in Dutch universities: http://www.nuffic.nl/

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    Hi Triggersoft:
    Look, landsman, I know that Eindhoven is in the Netherlands (note that my post said Eindhoven NL). Brasschaat isn't. I figured that it would be easier to get to the heart of the matter through the ostensible connection to the Belgian location, rather than sorting through piles of material actually relating to the real TU Eindhoven. It was. Be happy.
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    Eindhoven - but what about the bridge?
  11. Dennis Ruhl

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    Nijmegen is pretty far but Arnhem is simply a bridge too far.
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    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. In the "About" section of their web site (http://www.embryriddle.edu/) they say:


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