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    I went to the park today. Good day to be there. Hamilton's Francophone community was having a little do - music, food tents, booths for various orgs etc. It seems many of our local Francophones came here from the Caribbean - so the music was pretty darn good. They were jammin'! I looked around -- and found there's a new University in these parts!

    I live in Hamilton - and I know French - but this one was completely new to me. Looks like a fledgling start. It's 47 miles from here, in Toronto, (Pop. 3 million) and the address is downtown on Jarvis St - so I'm guessing, not your traditional stately buildings and rolling, leafy campus at this stage. Seems right now, they're offering short certificate programs and just a few Bachelor's degrees - including an interesting one in Urban Environmental Studies.

    It's all here: https://uontario.ca/
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    In his first term, I tried to cancel Ford, but obviously it didn't work... (sigh) Four more years... :(
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