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    There is nothing to win here, the PhD issue is a loophole in the system. I am a member of a professional engineering association and the association has decided to punish those members that are using bogus PhDs in their web sites or business cards (Many do so they use the title PhD P.Eng). I was at some point member of CMA ontario and they also have a similar policy. There are efforts to prevent people from using bogus PhDs in Canada but the problem exist when the person is not a member of a recognized association.

    As you said, I can claim that I granted myself a PhD because my good work and there is nothing someone can do about this.
    The regular public should always ask where people got their PhDs. I work in education and you cannot imagine the amount of people that come to see me with bogus degrees looking for admission into a higher degree, research assistant, etc. Some actually have jobs in industry that they got with the bogus credentials but there is not much one can do as there is no regulation that prevent people from claiming a degree from a bogus school.
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    RFValve: "Nothing prevents me from looking for a Post Doc position with a PhD from Quantum, maybe a professor hires a PhD from quantum and then this person might qualify for a post doc certificate from the institution where the position is held.

    Johann: No, nothing prevents you looking. But I doubt that a recognized Canadian U. will accept a Quantum degree at face value. It's neither RA nor NA - so what's an evaluator - or a recognized University - going to do with it? State Approval is not accreditation. I doubt this could be accomplished. Even if it did work (highly unlikely) the Post-Doc credential is separate - doesn't change the standing of the PhD (up or down) in any way. Suppose it wasn't a Quantum degree. Suppose someone -somehow - managed to BS his/her way to a Post-Doc with a completely phony doctorate - do you think that would make the PhD "real?" I don't.

    All hypotheticals and wangling, as I see it. Degree-gambling/mongering/parlaying of this sort is not an activity I want to get into. Not even for discussion. Don't like it.

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    RFValve: As you said, I can claim that I granted myself a PhD because my good work and there is nothing someone can do about this.

    Johann: No I didn't say that. I said I think the PhDs of some schools have the same value as one you might print yourself. That's still my opinion. And, in answer to your challenge, I said I could find no regulation preventing use of a PhD from Quantum.

    I don't necessarily disagree with your statement --- but I never said it, as you claim.

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    RFValve: The regular public should always...

    Johann: Yeah, yeah. The regular public should do all kinds of things. But don't expect them to listen to us any time soon...

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    OK, fair enough. I have a feeling that we will be seeing some changes soon in this aspect, there is a large growing number of people that claim PhDs from unaccredited schools in Canada. A search in linkedin can confirm this, 94 people claim a degree from the University of Sedona, 60 from Quantum University and 64 from Open International University. Most of these individuals offer spiritual counseling, alternative medicine, psychology among other services but many use the title "DR" or PhD. These are only three Universities, I attended to a conference last year where a person claimed 3 doctorates from Holos University including theology, psychology and alternative medicine, very impressive just that it seems that this school offers upgrades to different doctorates for a small fee and a paper so getting 3 doctorates might not be so impressive after all.
    Now, these are the people that are honest and mention their bogus doctorates in their profile, but you also have a lot of people that claim a PhD but never mention the source. When I see these people my assumption is that they hold degree mills as they are not comfortable mentioning the source.
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    RFValve: Now, these are the people that are honest and mention their bogus doctorates in their profile...

    Johann: No. I don't think they are honest unless they specify that their doctorates are indeed bogus. :smile:


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