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    Splitting this off from the UnivCheck discussion that started here: https://www.degreeinfo.com/index.php?threads/upgrad-ssbm-geneva-global-dba-36-months-11k-usd.58305/page-2#post-555247

    UnivCheck claims:

    Now, as was pointed out the United States is not on the list.

    Checking Intergovernmental for "EUCLID" I find "Validated by UnivCheck as "recognized/accredited" (http://www.univcheck.org/univcheckresults.asp?name=euclid&country=International+/+Intergovernmental&button=Check+institution+in+UnivCheck+database)

    That is...of concern. See our thread on them here: https://www.degreeinfo.com/index.php?threads/euclid-university.47853/

    Checking Canada for "university" I see a long list of schools not in Canada: http://www.univcheck.org/univcheckresults.asp?name=university&country=Canada&button=Check+institution+in+UnivCheck+database

    I didn't see any "recognized/accredited" entries for Canadian schools that looks unrecognized or vice versa. They do seem to have a massive list of Axact clones.

    Edit: One note, not every Canadian school is listed. Humber College was. Durham College was not, though University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) on a shared campus was.

    Athabasca was, as were all the other schools I checked, though some were listed only as subsidiares (e.g. University of Western Ontario's only entry was
    "Brescia University College (University of Western Ontario)".

    They also seem to list the US state in the Location field of the actual records but don't let you filter by them in the main search page (which is sorted by country.) There's also not the "any and all" they say to select.

    Thoughts? It seems comprehensive but without knowing the data quality it severely hampers the utility.
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    It seems that as of now, Central African Republic lists Euclid as recognized. People may have justified doubts, but it is bound to show up on lists like this one.
    It is weird they fail to properly list Durham and UWO. What's up with that? There is absolutely no reason to list Humber but not Durham; both are rather major community colleges in Greater Toronto Area. Both have approval for several applied Bachelor's. I was an adjunct instructor for Humber.
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    I was briefly enrolled at Humber and graduated from Durham College so I figured they would be good to search, not sure why they don't list them.

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