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  1. jam937

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    Does anyone have any experience with Univ. of Illinois Springfield (UIS) or first hand knowledge of their MSCS program?

    Degree: Master of Computer Science
    Credits: 32 (8 courses at 4 credits each)
    Courses: 8 (7 CS electives and 1 Graduate Research Seminar)
    Tuition: $350 per credit non-resident ($11,200 for entire degree!)
    Accreditation: North Central Association (regional)
    Semesters: 16 weeks (Fall, Spring, Summer is 8 weeks I think)
    GPA: A grade of B- or better is needed for all 8 courses

    * 8 courses is the lowest number I've seen for any MS related to computers.

    It says you can take up to 3 courses before you are fully admitted. I sent an email asking if I can enroll while waiting on my BSCS to be conferred. I also would like to know if exams are proctored and if so do they use ProctorU or must you find local proctor.

    Here's the link
    Department of Computer Science

    Here's the course descriptions which look very interesting to me
    Department of Computer Science
  2. jam937

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  3. FJD

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    I'm a current UIS student, finishing up my 1st year w/ the school's MPA program. I've been pretty satisfied so far. My general impression is that the school is well above average academically and its small size makes for more administrative ease than you might get at a larger institution. One thing that I don't particularly like is that they try hard to replicate the traditional on-ground class experience as much as they can. I'm someone who enjoys the independent study/flexibility aspects of DL over the traditional classroom. Another thing is that they don't have an accelerated format like many schools offering DL programs, and 16 week semesters can seem never-ending. All in all, and when you factor in price, I feel I'm getting a valuable education. They're definitely worth a long look as you pick a school; UIS is a solid school.
  4. jam937

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    Is your MPA program more writing, exams or both? How do exams work, are they proctored, online, etc?

    I'm trying to figure out if the MSCS can be done in 3-4 semesters (summer, fall, spring, summer) since its only 8 courses. What do you think?
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    Dragging this thread completely off-topic
    I'd like to say that I like UIS because they are one of the few places around where you can earn a DL Math degree. That's all. Move along. Nothing to see here.
  6. FJD

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    Depends on the class. The professors have leeway to design the courses as they like. I've had some with mostly papers, some with mostly timed exams. The exams are not proctored, but some require software that disables other parts of your computer to deter cheating. One class was entirely graded by weekly real-time discussion sessions, so you can be evaluated in a number of ways.

    I've found that taking 2 courses/semester (8 credits) is manageable, even with a job, family, etc. So, you're plan sounds pretty reasonable to me. You could start this summer with one class, then take 2 each in the Fall + Spring, one the next summer, then 2 in the Fall and you'd be done.
  7. FJD

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    Ha! Yes, you're right to recognize UIS for their dedication to the woefully under-served math nerd market.
  8. beargins

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    Hey jam937 you and I are in the same boat. I have also been emailing them to see if I can begin courses this summer. My BA CS does not end at TESC until May 26, they said they would need a letter certifying that I will have my BA finished at the end of May, and then they could conditionally admit me and wait until the end of October for me to send them my diploma.

    PM me if you have any other luck because it sounds like our situations are pretty close. I'm also interested in finishing it in 4 semesters, and hoping to take 2 courses this summer.
  9. dlcurious

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    I completed their MS-MIS program and was very satisfied with the level of instruction I received. All courses within my curriculum offered streaming / recorded lectures and required proctored mid-terms / finals. Their emphasis on group work was a PITA but is pretty common in distance grad programs. Overall I'd give it 1.5 thumbs up.
  10. beargins

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    @dlcurious and @FJD, what was your course load? Is 3 courses / semester manageable? I've consistently taken 5-6 courses at a time in undergrad, the smallest semester I had was summer of 2011 where I only took 2 courese. This past semester I've taken 6 courses, and 6 cleps, worked FT and still made dinner with the family everyday lol. I want to slow down quite a bit so I was thinking about only taking 2 courses, but if 3 is manageable then I would like to try 3.

  11. jam937

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    Do the proctored exams require using a local proctor or do they allow the use of ProctorU?
  12. dlcurious

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    ProctorU was never an option for me but things may have changed since I graduated (fall 2010).

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