UNICAF MBA Programme - University of South Wales, UK

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by engadnan, Sep 24, 2016.

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    Perhaps they have two options, which are marketed in a country-specific way?
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    Because of your doubts, go with gut’s instinct. Try another uni, there are so many out there. This uni may not be the best option for you, so why pay money and study hard to make yourself unhappy?
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    Masters from Unicaf are us$4000. Phd are about us$10,ooo. Not the u.k programmes.
    If you live in Canada and the USA, there may be tax implications for the scholarship. Unicaf will quote us$10 and us$22k for masters and doctors respectively; then they apply a scholarship discount. It is like a suggested price that no one pays. I am quite sure that any education scholarship must be reported on an individual tax return.
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    OK, here's an unofficial poll . . .

    Which would you prefer to have, an MBA from UNICAF or an MBA from University of the People?
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    Uotp is the better deal especially if the mba is the final destination. If a doctorate is in the future then unicaf may be the better option.
    However, I am more comfortable with Assam Don Bosco over uotp and unicaf.
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    I completed my UNICAF MBA. Degree will be awarded from University of South Wales not from UNICAF University. I would any day choose Unicaf South Wales MBA over UoftP. Though the University of South Wales not highly ranked as fellow British Universities, still a better ranked and accredited University compared to say DEAC accredited or institution. I still haven't received my degree certificate. As for the program, i would question the rigor. I felt it wasn't tough enough and type of assessment could have been better.
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