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  1. Pieces

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    Hello, I am a new user to this board. I was doing searches and reading articles on the proliferation of "degree/diploma mills" because I was trying to see for myself if UMUC, in fact, fell into this category. I found some posts from this board during my search, but there are so many back pages I can't really find one that solely talked about UM-University College. I went to UMCP for two semesters, but now I'm on my own and I had a hard time doing school and work full-time, so now I'm a current student here(did two online courses, doing two more this fall), and I'm just a little worried because some aspects of my school just seem so..."University of Phoenix"-esque. The open enrollment, the radio commercials. Maybe the hype of the articles I've read on schools like these have just freaked me out. I don't know. I really don't want to go through another 1.5 years to finish my degree only to find out my education was sub-par and no employer will look at my resume(unless I take out the "University College" and just leave a general "University of Maryland" degree, I guess, heheheh). Over this summer i've been debating as to whether I should just bite the bullet and re-apply to UM-College Park(even though I'm 23 I work full-time now and it will be hard to find classes around that, but I could probably pull it off if I find a job on campus that would qualify me for tuition remission. And god I hate the students at College Park.)

    Ok, I've rambled. I'm basically looking for opinions of current/former students, current/former teachers, and employers as to the "validity" of an education at UMUC. Pros, cons, and neutral, just give your honest, no-bones opinions please.

    I want a GOOD education.

    But I do NOT want a McDegree that will look like an eyesore rather than a compliment on my resume.
  2. I don't think there's anything wrong with UMUC, but UM College Park definitely has a known, better reputation.

    At 23, you have a long career ahead of you, and if it's possible to finish what you started at UMCP it sounds like a great option. For those of us in our 30's and 40's with an established career, family obligations, etc. we don't have the option to take a job on campus and complete our studies - so we're usually looking at a DL route.

    An advantage for you going back now is that you're likely more mature than when you were a freshman and as you're working you'll be focused on completing your education - regardless of what the "other" students are doing ;)

    Best of luck to you!


    Disclaimer: I'm not at UMUC, although I was considering it for my masters.
  3. airtorn

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    My wife is going to be done with her bachelors degree through UMUC-Europe at the end of semester two. It is regionally accredited and should not be a negative on a resume.

    The quality of the education is good. In fact, there have been some parts of it that have been great. She is a humanities major and her field studies have been to see things that many people only get to see in mass media formats, i.e. Van Gogh in a book -vs- a Van Gogh exhibit in Paris. So that part can't be beat.

    The thing that we have had problems with was the administrative service here in Europe. Whether it was the initial transfer of credits or the ongoing problems with the financial aid department, it seems like paperwork is always being misfiled which leads to headaches on our part. However, the administrative support has been great the few times that she has had to deal with the main office.

    Despite the headaches, my wife would not hesitate to go through UMUC again based on the few choices that we had available over here. Don't worry, a UMUC degree is not an eyesore. You are going to get a good education.
  4. SteveFoerster

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    Hi Pieces, and welcome.

    What is your major? Depending on what your interests are, if you're willing to consider distance learning there are alternatives to UMUC, although I agree with those who say that's a perfectly fine school on a resume. "University of Maryland" -- what's not to like?

    Do you plan to continue on to graduate school after you finish your Bachelor's? If so, I tend to think that a decent grad school makes it less important where your undergraduate studies took place.

  5. Pieces

    Pieces New Member

    Thank you for your responses:)
    I'm thinking the same thing! However, it's all dependent on a)me re-applying to CP and getting in, b)me getting a full-time job on campus and getting full tuition remission(I've interviewed so many times, but it's competitive cause other students are applying and want the same fringe benefits), and c)my credits from UC being able to transfer. a,b,c all need to work out for me for this to happen. If just one doesn't, there's no reason for me to debate, I'll have to remain at UMUC regardless.

    airtorn, I've read elsewhere that the administration at UMUC-Europe can be a nightmare. I'm right in Maryland, U.S., however(so no trips to Paris for me!). Do you know anyone who goes to UMUC in the states? Thank you for your comment.
    Business Administration, Communications Minor
    No. THAT I know for sure. I'm just trying to get a feel as to whether I should just finish school at A or B. Just reading about faux-universities and some aspects of UMUC(the whole "life experiences" for credit thing for instance just doesn't sit well with me) raised some red flags.
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  6. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Wow, then you have about a million distance learning choices if you want to go that route. I still see nothing wrong with UMUC, though, other than the time it takes. Put "University of Maryland" on your resume and everyone in the D.C. area will think "College Park" anyway, especially at your age.

    As an aside, now that I know about BAin4Weeks I'd never consider getting an undergraduate degree other than from Excelsior or Charter Oak. Doing anything else incurs too much opportunity cost. But that's me.

  7. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    Well, the intrusion alarm has been sounded, so portb71 should be making an appearance shortly. :D

    I would agree with guitarmark and suggest that you go with UMCP if it's realistically possible.
  8. Pieces

    Pieces New Member

    Huh? What intrusion did I make?
  9. kobeb

    kobeb New Member

    Go Terps! UMUC too:)

    Hello Pieces,

    If I had the option, I would go back to UMCP. UMCP is an awesome school. I attended some courses there and loved it. After it was all said and done, I graduated with a UMUC degree. I chose to finish at UMUC because of their dedication to working adults. Their programs allowed me to go to school without sacrificing my career and more importantly time with family. I had the same doubts you're feeling right now. In fact, I went to this board when I was shopping around for a masters program and I ended up back at UMUC.

    I'm currently in the MBA/MSMIS program and so far it's been a challenge. I applied to other DL MBA programs and some even had the AACSB accreditation. However, none of these programs could fit my busy lifestyle like UMUC’s graduate offerings. Now if my employer wasn't paying the tab, I probably wouldn’t be going there because it’s very expensive.

    Finally, if you can make it work, go back to UMCP. But if you feel you can't make all your options happen, then UMUC is a solid backup. Also, there are many programs out there in the D.C. Metropolitan area. Check out those options too. Remember it’s what you put into the program. I know some UMCP students that are clueless in the real world. Anyway, please feel from to PM me if you have specific questions. Good Luck!

  10. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    None at all Pieces, it's an old-timers joke, sorry.

    There is a member who seems to magically appear whenever UMUC is discussed, to painstakingly and agonizingly point out the difference between UMUC and UMCP. :D
  11. lovetheduns

    lovetheduns New Member


    I felt the same way you do Pieces when choosing an online program.

    Afterall--- I have to admit I had some snob factors. After high school, I received full scholarships to UNC Chapel Hill. I mean in high school and college I was an ultra geek. Life happened such as taking care of my mother (still am) and I even worked full time so she could go back to school and finish. So when it came time to think of myself I knew working full time I could not return to UNC CH. After all, UNC CH never offered classes for the nontraditional student. I was a second semster junior at UNC CH and did not want to give up all of that to go to a second rate school.

    So.. this is what I did. I looked at transfer credits. Would UNC CH transfer courses from UMUC. YES! In fact quite a bit of them. A huge amount in fact.

    Now when you look at Univ of Phoenix-- well UNC may not-- they have no equivalencies listed AT ALL for this school. Check for yourself. Check out some other schools-- you will notice not many from someplace as Strayer either and quite a bit of them are labelled Not Acceptable.

    I will also say UMUC did not hesitate to fail me for a class either ;) (Life happened again and I thought I could catch up *sigh*). Now that is something I have not heard too often from Univ of Phoenix.
    A lot of my classes at UMUC have been demanding. One professor was very direct in his grading and I acgtually feel like he was the best professor I have had at either university! I worked hard for my last semester of As.
  12. mrw142

    mrw142 New Member

    Let me begin by concurring with the others on this board that UMUC isn't a junk degree, but there are better ones for business admin available via distance, and some of them cheaper. Look at US News' online program search page, you will pull up dozens that offer the degree you seek.
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  13. Pieces

    Pieces New Member

    Thanks kobeb, I will probably pm you:)
    Oh, gotcha. Well, I probably know some of the same points. I've been to both schools, and I've lived in this county all my life.

    lovetheduns, that's something I wanted to hear. Big sign of a shady uni is one that hands grades to you or gives to one too many free passes.

    mrw142, thank you for the link!
  14. RG656

    RG656 New Member

    UMUC-Think About It.

    Before thinking of UMUC, you might check

    There seem to be a number of complaints about the college (but nothing to do with RA). You can read it for yourself. Also, the Washington Post magazine is about to publish some information about UMUC, not all negative...but not all positive. Also, there are student sites that really rag on UMUC, giving it a solid D grade in every measure of the survey.

    UMUC is not the same as UMCP. Big diff.
  15. kobeb

    kobeb New Member

    Re: UMUC-Think About It.

    I checked out the complaints on the website and most of them are from the UMUC-Europe Division. The recent Washington Post magazine I read in reference to UMUC has been all positive. Can you provide us with student sites that "really rag on UMUC"? I'm really interested in reading some of these...Thanks

    I think everyone on this site knows that UMUC is diffrent from UMCP. Do a search and you'll see what I mean. Also, Pieces has attended both institutions and I'm assuming this knowledege is a given.

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  16. deanjo

    deanjo New Member

    UMUC Instructors

    You all ought to be aware that some UMUC instructors have some problems with UMUC. Art K. Huseonica of Adelphi, MD is already talked about as having a degree from Kennedy-Western University that UMUC doesn't list in the UMUC catalogue. I thought that was suspicious.

    Another Distance Education adjunct professor, instructing Psychology 100 in the web-based program out of Europe, is Michael Sadler. If it's the same adjunct professor, Sadler was disbarred as a clinical psychologist in Missouri before UMUC picked him up this academic year to teach. I'm checking the records on this people and letting the overseas coordinators know about this.
  17. kobeb

    kobeb New Member

    Re: UMUC Instructors

    Are you implying "some" instructors don't like teaching at UMUC? If so, please let me know what subjects these instructors teach. My experience with instructors at UMUC has been all positive.

    After reading UMUC threads on this board, it seems the administration at UMUC Europe needs some cleaning up...

    Just really curious about instructors having problems. One would think if they had a problem teaching at a particular institution, they would just quit.

  18. cogent

    cogent New Member

    A UMUC Instructor

    OK, I am a UMUC adjunct. I have four degrees, all from respectable universities: University of Arizona, Eastern Michigan University, Valdosta State University, and Morehead State University. I teach communication courses and love it. I don't know about anybody else but listing these unaccredited degrees is a no no. I think these guys should get the boot.
  19. RG656

    RG656 New Member

    UMUC Profs

    Typical of UMUC Europe management. How could UMUC in Europe have missed someone being disbarred from a state licensing agency? It must have been more of the "thorough" work they do. I've never met so many broken spirited students and professors that have had to deal with the UMUC in Europe managers.
  20. jimnagrom

    jimnagrom New Member

    UMUC-Europe is completely separate from UMUC-Maryland - so none of your observations have any relevance per the question.

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