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  1. thomaskolter

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    There is a cheaper option join up for free and buy the religious title of Reverend Doctor or Litterarum Doctor since these are on file as your religious title it would be like calling them a Rabbi or Cleric or Father or Imam etc. And would cost just $10.00.

    Add something in you can get an official clergy ID card with the title on it to show your professional title and standing as a member of the clergy.

    I will note the government will not go after a churches clergy titles since they are not used in an academic sense it would likely smack right up against the 1st Amendment protections.

    So lets see doing it this way with a card would cast maybe $25.00 and you can use the title doctors seems like a good option.
  2. LearningAddict

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    Why not just print your own degree for free? That's an even cheaper option and it'll be just as recognized and respected.
  3. RAM PhD

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    Yes indeed, recognized and respected. :smile:
  4. emmzee

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    But maybe Universal Life Church has "Doctor of the Universe" trademarked?!

    I'd almost prefer "Master of the Universe" though, since He-Man was a favorite childhood cartoon of mine ...
  5. Johann

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    No kidding? Missed him. :smile: In my darkest, culturally-deprived ignorance, I always thought "Master of the Universe" referred to Sherman McCoy, in "Bonfire of the Vanities." :jester:

    Sadly, not a cartoon, but the original (by Tom Wolfe) was published as a serial in 27 parts in Rolling Stone, before Wolfe re-wrote it into a best-selling book. The Bonfire of the Vanities - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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