Ukrainian-founded Duolingo rival Preply (language app) focusing on A.I

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    One thing I didn't know about Preply is that their tutors are 'live' and not an online app with pre-set lessons.

    Preply, the language app known for its live tutors, closes out Series C at $120M and doubles down on AI

    Ukrainian-founded Duolingo rival Preply banks $70 million to push into A.I.
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    They should maybe use their AI to find a new name. Fashion guy here says: These -ly names, like Preply and Credly were a fad. Now they just sound silly and trivial. Fads - like Capri pants, micro-mini skirts, Uggs and Crocs. Smart-ly knew this and found a new name - Quantic U. Everybody respects them and takes them seriously. Don't they, @Dustin? :)

    Take the hint, uh... Preply. (shiver).
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