UK universities in online launch

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    This is interesting indeed. It seems like the rising costs and low enrollment rates in the UK have led to advancing online education worldwide.

    I do not think UK universities will have a problem marketing to American students or any student that studies abroad for that matter. The major challenge for UK universities is convincing students in the US that a degree from a UK institution will be accepted by any employer like any other regionally accredited institution from the USA... Who knows? Maybe in another 10-20 years from now this will be a non-issue.
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    At first I was wondering whether it's really taken British universities nearly two decades to find out about the Internet, but then I realized that whoever wrote this article has simply conflated MOOCs with the sort of online higher education that's already well established on both sides of the Atlantic.
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    Hopelessly ironic?

    From the article: "Martin Bean, the Open University's vice-chancellor, said that the arrival of online courses meant that UK universities could either "stick their heads in the sand" or rise to the international challenge."

    You mean THE OU that has been unable to make its degrees available in the US and Canada for as long as I have been on this board (from the beginning)?

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    Like most of our members, I'm in the USA and so I read the article from that perspective. While I'm always happy to see any advances in distance learning, this seems underwhelming to me. More MOOCs is not a big deal. I understand that Rome was not built in a day and maybe at some point these free/non-credit courses will evolve into credit courses and competitively priced degree programs but right now I'm not getting too excited. Here's a few more articles on the same topic:

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    OU drives revolution in mass open learning | Business Weekly | Technology | Biotechnology | Business news | Cambridge and the East of England

    OU leads universities into online venture -
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    I don't really care about the MOOCs at this point although it is wonderful. I know in my own quest for programs there are many great programs available at UK schools that are not completely distance so they aren't an option. I was hoping from the headline that there were going to be more UK school, specifically schools with more research/mixed coursework based MA/MS, options that would be available. There are many out there but a lot of the disciplines are limited from recent searches.

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