UK PhD by research, partime/fulltime?

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    I ran across this when I stumbled on the research PhD program offered at the University of York. This is from their web page:

    "the PhD requires a dissertation of up to 90,000 words, to be submitted by full-time students after a period of three years' study, by part-time students after six years"

    What determines part-time versus full-time status when you aren't taking courses and only doing research/writing a dissertation? Wouldn't it be best to claim part-time status even if you are working on it full time just to get the extra 3 years to complete if needed? Granted, you have to pay the fees for the additional three years but that seems worth it in case you need the time.
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    At some schools, you are charged the same amount regardless of your status (part-time or full-time) while other schools charge less if you are part-time. From the distance education perspective, you can always register as part time and do it full time. The full time status is mainly required if you are taking government financial aid or University's financial support. The minimum and maximum allowed completion times are adjusted also depending on your status.

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