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    Something else.

    Frankly, U21 almost looks like a bait-and-switch to me. It proudly advertises the prestigious members of the U21 consortium, except that none of those illustrious members actually award the U21 degrees.

    In fact, it isn't even clear where U21 is located. It uses a Singapore address, but that country seems to be treating it as a local branch of a foreign institution. (I'd guess that their legal domicile is actually the Channel Islands.) When it comes to accreditation, it seems that U21 simply accredits itself.

    See this thread:

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    Re: Re: U21 Global

    What Bill said!
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    From what I've read previously, the degree is awarded by all the participating schools, all of whose seals appear on the diploma. But those schools don't award the degree. See this from their brochure:

    Universitas 21 Global enrols its own students and awards
    its own degrees and diplomas, with all its academic
    programmes, staff and processes being quality assured
    by U21pedagogica, a wholly owned subsidiary of
    Universitas 21

    The brochure also says they have 500,000 students, but that must certainly be the sum of the participating universities. It also includes billions of dollars in budget and a host of Nobel prize winners. Again, a compilation, I'm sure.

    What I'm not sure about is under what authority they offer the MBA, except that they are registered in Singapore as a DL school. That likely has them meet GAAP. Bad name, though.
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    I'm not convinced of that.

    Here's their Singapore Ministry of Education listing:



    Overseas Institution: Universitas 21 Global,

    Programme: Master of Business Administration
    Local Representative: Universitas 21 Global Pte Ltd


    For purposes of comparison, here's a couple of more programs from the same listing.


    Overseas Institution: Universities of Glasgow & Strathclyde, UK

    Programme: Bachelor of Engineering in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

    Local Representative: Singapore Maritime Foundation Ltd

    Overseas Institution: University of Adelaide, Australia

    Programme: Graduate Diploma and Master of Computer Science

    Local Representative: Ngee Ann-Adelaide Education Centre Pte Ltd


    It looks to me like this is a listing of foreign university programs that are being offered in Singapore. (There certainly are a lot of them.)

    Singapore doesn't seem to be the source of any of these universities' original degree granting authority, and the Republic expressly denies that its registration constitutes accreditation.


    Registration of Distance learning Programmes is not tantamount to accreditation or recognition by the Ministry of Education. Singapore does not have a central authority that accords recognition to qualifications and courses of study. Recognition and/or acceptance of qualification/certification is entirely at the discretion of the individual prospective employer.
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    Dr. Douglas you are correct that U21 has 500,000 students
    Their subsidiary U21 Global is 1000 students.

    Universitas 21 Global Celebrates Second Anniversary with 1,000 Student Milestone


    Didn't in earlier tread about ODA U21write up someone mentioned
    that their Singapore listing is no longer or wasn't renewed?

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    Well, I'm glad you went there when you did. Bookmark it for future reference.


    Bill or Rich: have you got a link that shows what universities are accredited by the government of Singapore AND are based there?
    The inquiring Nanyangophile wants to know. Thx. J.
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    ODA writes about U21 and not about U21Global the title of this tread.

    U21G - Global is awarding degrees, visit the link I posted in earlier replies and you will see MBA diploma issued by them with some 18 emblems on it.

    U21G(not the same as U21 but a subsidiary of U21 in Singapore with 1000 students)

    The question is
    If such a degree is GAAP?

    The replies are in this tread.

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