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    Hello all together,

    I thought, I just open up a threat for two-year Doctoral programs, which do not seem to be the case everywhere.
    Please, do not let us discuss, whether it is useful to study within two years on a doctoral level or not - just let us extend the list and let everybody decide, where she/ he would like to study and with what kind of duration.

    I am mainly interested in Doctorates (Areas: Business, Management, Economics, Project Management, etc.) in Europe, UK as well as Australia.

    So, here we go - what I found shortly:

    Institution: Northrumbia University, Newcastle, UK
    Degree: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
    Length: 2 years FT, 3 years PT
    Fees: International Fees & Discounts - Northumbria University, Newcastle UK
    Website: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) - Northumbria University, Newcastle UK

    Institution: Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Economics, Poland
    Degree: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
    Length: 2 years FT
    Fees: 12.000 EUR (+100 EUR application fees)
    Website: Institute of Economic Sciences Polish Academy of Sciences - Education - Programs in English - Two-Year EDBA Program

    Institution: University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
    Degree: Doctor of Commerce
    Length: 2 years FT
    Fees: Table of Fees | Student Finance | Postgraduate | Study at Wits - Wits University
    Website: Commerce, Law & Management | Programmes | Postgraduate | Study at Wits - Wits University

    Institution: Antwerp International Business School, Belgium
    Degree: Executive Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
    Length: 2 years FT
    Fees: Antwerp International Business School - Program Fees
    Website: Antwerp International Business School - EDBA - Executive Doctor of Business Administration

    Institution: Scandinavian Art and Business Institute (SABI), Helsinki, Finland
    Degree: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
    Length: 2 years FT
    Fees: starting from 14.760 EUR (Tuition Fees)
    Website: Doctor of Business Administration

    Looking forward on your information :tongue:
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    Many doctorates in the UK and Australian have a minimum duration of two years.

    I know McGills PhD has a minimum of two years as well for many faculties including engineering and science. However, not many people finish these programs in two years. The advertised time might not be the actual time that takes to finish the program so I would be careful just to assume that takes two years finish one just because this is the minimum requirement advertised by a school.
  3. Mr. Playboy

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    True words, absolutely right.
    But let's be honest - this can happen everywhere, as the Phd/DBA/Doctorate is something individual.
    It can happen in 2year-programs as well as in 5year-programs.

    Nevertheless, thanks for the hint of the McGills PhD.

    Could you maybe name some?! I am asking, as I was searching for some, and could not really find that many programs with a "standard duration" of 2 years FT.
    Would be great!

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  4. SteveFoerster

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    The Doctor of Health Education at A.T. Still University can be completed in two years, and so can the Executive EdD in Higher Education Management from the University of Pennsylvania. Both are designed where you write your dissertation while you're taking coursework, which is unusual for American universities.
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    First you say that it can happen anywhere and then you say that you can't find many. Seems contradictory, no? If I were looking I'd start my search at the Australian university system, places like Deakin, Charles Sturt, etc. Then I would move to some of the more obscure places like the Open U of Malaysia or IGNOU. Best of luck.
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    This is maybe straying a little :smile: from the OP's stated interests, but Northeastern University offers a two-year Doctorate in Law and Policy (LPD) program. It's online, plus one weekend a month in classes (Boston campus). The program is highly selective; they admit "only the most promising individuals." Doctorate Degree Law and Policy | Northeastern College of Professional Studies

    I hardly consider myself a "most promising individual" - quite the reverse, :smile: so I didn't check the fees at first. Then I got curious. $65,616!

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    One of my profs during my MTS program, Dr Gary Habermas, completed his PhD in two years at Michigan State University. (In the field of "History and Philosophy of Religion".) So I guess at some schools as long as you complete all the work and necessary steps, you can graduate in just two years ... tho he did this in the mid 70's so perhaps the rules have changed since then!
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    DBA by Distance Learning with Northumbria University

    Hi friends,

    It is good that you have come across Northumbria University for DBA by Distance Learning. I have been intouch with them in great detail because I am planning a DBA but cannot go abroad completely for studies because I am under full time employmemt in Pakistan. In my initial correspondence with Northumbria, they declined the option of DBA by DL, but I am still in contact with them. I will keep you updated on my communication with them on this matter. From the outset, though, it appears that the admissions dept. have a slight misunderstanding about the DL facility written about the DBA in the website.
  12. Kizmet

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    Maybe I was moving too fast when I looked through the Northumbria website but I didn't see any mention at all about the idea that their DBA could be completed through distance learning. In fact, it doesn't seem to appear in their list of DL programs. So maybe it's not the admissions department that has the slight misunderstanding.

    Oh yeah, also, our one-hit-wonder original poster Mr. Playboy was thoughtful enough to provide a link to the Northumbria program but somehow it just leads in a little circle, back to degreeinfo. Maybe that's just a little misunderstanding too.:dunno:
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