Two Great Articles Weigh the Value of Doctor of Arts Degree...

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    Two great articles for those weighing the value of a DA degree. First article is from a teacher's perspective, while the second one is from the perspective of a community college administrator. Both are great articles and other insight into how these degrees are perceived. I am sharing these here because they answer a lot of the questions I had when I started research on DA degrees. Maybe some will get some use out of this info!

    Takeaways from articles:
    -DA degrees are looked down on in some lights, despite the degrees being just as rigorous as PhD requirements in a lot of cases.
    -They are not always looked down on in hiring, per se, but in many cases a PhD might win out.
    -DA degrees are mainly designed to better the craft of teaching a subject.
    -DA is suited more for those not interesting in publishing/research.

    "Why We Need to Remember the Doctor-of-Arts Degree"
    Why We Need to Remember the Doctor-of-Arts Degree - The Chronicle of Higher Education

    "Ask the Administrator: The Doctor of Arts Degree"
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    This statement is a bit self-contradictory.
  3. sanantone

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    It makes sense to me. Upper middle class shoppers don't always look down on Walmart, but they often choose to shop at Target instead.
  4. Kizmet

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    Of course, you're right. But then it's really an exercise in saying nothing. "Some people will like you, but some people won't."
  5. sanantone

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    The way I see it, schools don't necessarily have anything against DAs, but prefer PhDs.

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