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    I did post this some time ago but it didn't work, so this is my second try.
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    Here is my question: Is the MBA offered by Turku University of Applied Sciences and WWEDU - World Wide Education equivalent to an RA MBA?

    Here are the URLs:


    I'm located in Europe and this program is quite affordable. However, I want a degree which is generally accepted in the EU and the US.
  2. Ian Anderson

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    A brief search on the internet shows that this is a valid university and not a degree mill. I know zero about their degree acceptability.

    One potential problem with this university for non-Finnish speaking students could be the language barrier.

    I visited Turku (the airport) once on my way to Helsinki
  3. ebbwvale

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    It looks to me that the MBA is conducted in either Finnish or English. The IT program is conducted only in English.

    It appears to me to be legit and quite useful.
  4. mintaru

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    Yes, it is equivalent to an RA MBA.

    Turku University of Applied Sciences, formerly Turku Polytechnic, is the second largest University of Applied Sciences in Finland and, like most Finnish universities of applied sciences, it's a public university owned and governed by the local municipality. (In contrast to the 'classical' Finnish universities, which always are owned by the Finnish state. ['state' meaning central government level]) It has campuses in Turku, Uusikaupunki, Loimaa, Pargas, and Salo. This institution has without any question GAAP status and the answer to your question is yes, this degree is equivalent to a RA US degree.

    However, Turun ammattikorkeakoulu (the original Finnish name) is virtually unknown outside of Scandinavia, even within the EU. The reason is not only the fact that Finland is only a small EU member. (small in terms of population, at least) All Finnish universities of applied sciences are also quite young institutions. That type of university exists in Finland since the 1990's and the English name university of applied sciences as translation of ammattikorkeakoulu is even younger. Universities of applied sciences, then called polytechnics, also lacked the right to offer graduate degrees until a few years ago. That MBA appears to me to be a brand-new program in its very first year!

    It is not very likely that the language barrier really is a problem. Every Finn learns English in secondary school and, more important, Finnish universities very often use English textbooks. The Finnish market is simply to small and often there is not a single Finnish textbook in some subjects. But that's no real problem since every Finnish student should be able to use English textbooks, and English is of course also the international lingua franca of science. Therefore, it is anything but unusual that a Finnish student writes his or her thesis or dissertation in English instead of Finnish. Many Finnish university departments approve that. Only the Finnish accent could be a problem for native English speakers.

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    If you are considering Finnish Universities, why not consider Studera Sweden MBA tuition free? Read of one members doing that. You not only save the money but can use it to pay for your trip for convocation.
  6. MGrex

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    Do you mean this one? - http://www.bth.se/mam/internetmba.nsf
    Blekinge Institute of Technology doesn't recognize my nationally accredited Bachelor's degree from UAT:(, but Turku University of Applied Sciences does.:)
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