Tuition Reimbursement for Mental Health Professionals in Texas

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    The original bill was passed in 2015, but the legislature added marriage and family therapy in 2017.

    I didn't see the other stipulations while scanning the text of the bill, but you have to practice in an underserved county for five years to receive the maximum reimbursement. They prorate it by year. Most counties are underserved, so you won't have to move out into the boonies. And, the licensed physician has to be a psychiatrist; you can see the whole text below.
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    Where I live it is specific to certain agencies as well. I have a friend who wrote off a lot of money by working in an agency that participates in this sort of program. She made a decent salary as well. The only (possible) downside . . . she had to work in this little town in the middle of nowhere (that's how I met her).
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    I like little towns in the middle of nowhere.

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