Tuition-Free Start Slightly Increased This School's Revenue Afterwards

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    During 2021-22, and it looks like it was extended into 2022-23 but no longer, Carey Theological College, affiliated with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada denomination, offered a "tuition-free start" by which new students in their online graduate programs could take their first three credit courses tuition-free.

    Although Carey is struggling financially and reducing staff this year, they state something interesting in an update:
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    Similarly, Walden offers free courses while their programs are awaiting accreditation.

    If the program doesn't get accredited, you're out nothing. If it does, you're already enrolled and have some of the coursework done, so you're motivated to keep paying and finish the program.
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    Good. Walden needs anything the school can do, to keep students motivated. Average completion rates within 150% of expected time are 32% for undergrad and 33% for grad. Source:

    Marvin Lee Aday, a.k.a Meat Loaf sang "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad." Johann says "One Out of Three Ain't Good."
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