Trying to find extension school with many teacher's certificates

Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by Pelican, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Pelican

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    I am trying to find the name of a school that was mentioned here about two years agos. I tried searching my older posts, where I had discussed the school, but somehow those old posts became deleted.

    Here is what I remember about the school:

    - It was an extension program, part of a larger university, but not their traditional on-line courses.
    - It offered dozens of certificates for teachers. Each certificate required about 4 courses.
    - The courses came in fun topics suitable to teachers, that would interest children, not like courses offered in colleges, e.g. a course on Dinosaurs.
    - They had certificates in Psychology, History, Literature, Science, etc., that connected with knowledge teachers needed.
    - The courses did not amount to real college credits, it was similar to CEUs.
    - The cost per course was about $300.
    - The program did not offer financial aid.
    - I believe the host university was in California, but I may be mistaken.
    - The name of the school was similar to "DeHillz".
    - The extension used a .com url, not a .edu.

    Does anyone know the name of this extension school?
  2. sanantone

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    I don't know, but Advanced Courses, VESi, PBS Teacherline, and Annenberg Learner all offer courses like this for about the same price, and they're worth graduate credits through partner colleges.
  3. Gabe F.

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  4. Pelican

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    This looks very very similar to what I was looking at before, even the URL looks similar or the same, but the Web site has a different design, and I can't find any of the many History and Science courses. I used The Way Back Machine to see if the page matched the design I saw two years ago, but apparent not. Does this program at Dominiguez Hills have History courses? I can't find them anywhere.
  5. Kizmet

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    These sorts of certs move in and out of existence according to enrollment numbers. Just because it existed once upon a time doesn't mean it still exists.
  6. sanantone

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    If you go directly to the websites of some of the companies I mentioned, you'll find courses on dinosaurs and what not.

    That Dominguez Hills link is not to an extension school. It's just a link to one of VESi's partner pages. They have multiple partners.

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