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    I am preparing to commence studies toward the ALB degree via Harvard Extension School this fall. Although I am not new to the world of distance learning, I do have a few questions and would welcome any comments and/or suggestions from the community here.

    Harvard only accepts 12 credits from CLEP. They do not accept life experience credit. They will however accept up to 64 transfer credits from regionally accredited institutions.

    My first question is would it be advantageous to first enroll with COSC to utilize the freedom of gaining CLEP and portfolio credit and then transfer those credits to Harvard? If so I am wondering how those credits might be viewed at Harvard, after all COSC is regionally accredited.

    Secondly I would like to know if anyone has had experience with the GRE Literature in English exam. I understand that COSC awards 18 credits if you score over the 40th percentile.

    Thanks for your help!
    Sydney D'LiChon
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    Hi Sydney - I'd be a little surprised if that kind of a plan would work. I'm guessing that the 64 credits must be "earned" at accredited schools, not just transferred from an accredited school (interesting loophole though). Also, I think the transcript from COSC would probably show that they were CLEP credits.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Just be careful about 'cause most of the credit bank transcript would annotate where the credits came from. For example, I had some CLEP that Troy University would not accept based on their curriculum; I did credit bank through Thomas Edison State College, and transferred to Troy University. Troy University did not give me credit for those CLEP credits.
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    You can't launder credits. When you transfer into Harvard, they will request your COSC transcript AND your College Board CLEP transcript.

    Also, I'm 99% sure that all your transfer classes also have to come in with a grade- so pass/fail credit won't work (TECEP, DSST, CLEP, ECE, FEMA, ALEKS, GRE, etc are all pass/fail) You should double check with a Harvard adviser, but I'm pretty sure I read that on a Harvard Extension forum just the other day.

    If you want to save money, take your 12 CLEP credits and earn 64 credits from your local community college (the 12 credits for CLEP may mean you can only bring in 52 from your CC). This will be the most straight-forward and inexpensive option. Your local/state-wide CC probably offers loads of transfer courses online. You can still do this as a distance student, just stay local. (or check out a great bargain school like Clovis Community College)

    All the best!
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    Thanks For The Feedback!

    .....As we all know, "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is". I will check with an adviser about this specifically. The catch 22 is being able to attend my first choice school and not loosing potential portfolio credit.

    I have professional experience in my field as well as a couple professional diplomas. I would marvel at the challenge of using these as a springboard to earn some portfolio credit.

    My second choice is Western Illinois University. I prefer schools that are B&M with distance learning programs and not entirely DL.

    Sydney D'LiChon
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    We might be neighbors, do you live in the Quad Cities?

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