Transfering graduate credits?

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    Do schools that accept graduate credits from other programs for transfer care if they match up against their own course catalog?

    More specifically, if I took a course at AMU such as the History of Piracy, the History of the Coast Guard, or even the History of Undersea Warfare, would most history programs accept them as transfer credit even though they might not have a course anything like it?

    I know, I need to call the school and ask but I was wondering if people here had any experience with this.

    My original idea was to apply for summer admission to SHSU and take two courses. Being that I really wanted to take the course at WNMU on railroading (that topic is more or less where I'd like to focus my MA work), I thought I'd drop my SHSU load down to one course. I just realized today that those courses are 4 weeks(!) so I'd essentially have 60 hours of course work per week for either June or July. Instead, I thought I'd take a course at AMU that I'm really interested in and cut my workload down to 40 hours being those are 8 week courses. I'm hoping both would transfer into SHSU in the fall as they accept 6 credits in transfer.
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  2. I'd think that if the program had core and elective courses that the transfer credits would count towards electives. Many MBA programs (at least not the "MBA-lite" ones) have one or more elective courses that can have credit transferred in. For core courses I imagine that the department chair would need to compare the curriculum against the core requirements.
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    These would both be elective courses I'd try to transfer. I wouldn't try to apply these to the core requirements.
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    You are basically on the same track as I am. I had essentially the same idea but I was more concerned with getting the 18 hours then figuring out what I could apply them to. I think AMU will accept 15 hours of transfer so long as they will apply to your degree track.

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