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    Does anyone know anything about this school such as its accrediation and recognition? My wife is considering enrolling so I thought I'd post here first to see if anyone is familiar with the school / program...

    The link:


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    Private Career College needed to have a bond/approval from the province. I have seen many school go under special investigation on the province and find out!
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    ok, 3rd try :)

    Quality homeopathic education is a challenge because there isn't any sort of recognized national accreditation body in the US or Canada. The program looks like it has some well educated professors, but I'm concerned because a large percentage of the faculty seems to have only received their education at the Toronto School, and some instructors appear to have little to no formal training.

    A homeopath in the US (and, as far as I know, in Canada) cannot legally practice unless they have another credential that allows them to prescribe and treat (in the US, an MD, DO, DDS, or, in states that license naturopaths, an ND) so even with an education from this school, I would check with provincial authorities to find out what the limits would be on being able to practice.

    You may also want to call the National Center for Homeopathy ( which is well connected to pretty much everything happening with homeopathic education in North America, much of Europe, and many other places, and see what they know about the program.

    (This was edited from my earlier response, because I realized that speaking about naturopathic accreditation wasn't really relevant to the question you were asking...)
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    If your wife's interest is in being able to practice homeopathy and treat patients, she might want to take a look at

    which is accredited by the US CNME ( This is a naturopathic school, not specifically homeopathic, but most naturopathic programs include some training in homeopathy, and with a naturopathic degree from this program, your wife would be eligible for licensure to practice in any province in Canada where naturopaths are licensed.

    She could then do any postdoctoral training in homeopathy to get additional education in that specific area if she desired.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks for the replies...

    She thought about the ND program except that it is offered only in Ontario and not at all via LD.... she already has a bunch of homeopathic courses from the Alive Academy now and she can use those towards the TSHM.

    She called them and they provided information on who she has to contact at graduation in order to be permitted to practice; she was also given the names of a few DHM's here in Regina (SK) under whom she could do her clinical studies...

    It seems like a legit program for the DHM - I'm going to do some more digging and will keep y'all posted :)
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    GAH! I edited my post and then I got a nice error...
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    I checked NUPATH website and the TSHM is listed as an accredited school for a DHM... there are two other schools here in .ca as well which she is going to look at, particularly the Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst... Here a four year program leads to a DHHP (Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst) which gives her the DHM and a Dr. of Medical Heilkunst - how well known Heilkunst is her North America I don't know though it's been used in Europe for ages...

    I'll keep things updated :)

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