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    I was attending training with a nonprofit a few years ago. One of the trainers claimed black belts in multiple martial arts ("I can beat all of you up", said the sexagenarian), multiple doctorates, multiple can't-discuss-them deployments (who asked?), and the grade of "retired O-6." There was a lot of self-praise during his presentation. He had a distinctive last name, so I did some quick due diligence before having a quiet one-on-one with him during break.

    He confirmed to me again that he was a "retired O-6". I produced my retired-not-O-6 ID and asked if he had one. What he produced was not a retiree ID. He doubled down until I asked him why the Congressional Record didn't show any record of the Senate confirming anyone of his last name to any military grade. He promptly shifted his story to being a civilian equivalent of an O-6. Right.
    Strangely, later digging indicated that the sources of his claimed doctorates were all unaccredited.

    P.S. He didn't offer to beat me up.
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    There is a Navy Seal Master Chief (?) who is retired and tracks these fakes who claim SF status. His YouTube videos are hilarious. Some of the fakes are reasonable sounding people who are indeed things like trainers. It is fascinating.
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    This Ain't Hell (TAH) But You Can See It From Here
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    Don Shipley is the Navy Seal. Think YouTube may have banned him (according to video I saw) but not sure.
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    Don Shipley, indeed. I believe he has had a track record of getting banned, demonitized or both. My understanding was that some took issue with his videos arguing that it was doxing or harassment or something of that nature so he moved most of his videos to his own platform.

    I like Senior Chief Shipley because, first, he's hilarious. But also because he isn't arrogant about his service. He acknowledges that if you were a cook you should be proud of your service as a cook. You just shouldn't mispresent it. This is a position I wholeheartedly agree with. It's one of the main reasons why I don't particular care for gushing thanks to me for my service. I'll take my free zoo admission and my Lowes discount, thanks. But I never really made a "sacrifice." I was paid, never in any particular danger and got to travel the world and always to really nice and interesting places.
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