"Time to Shut Down All For-profit Institutions"

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    Yes - true. Prince Philip is of the house of Glücksburg (Elder line - Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg). His maternal grandparents were Prince Louis of Battenberg, then known as Louis Mountbatten, and Victoria Mountbatten, his wife. That's where the name he's mostly known by - by us peasants, at least (Mountbatten) came from. Prince Philip was born with connections to the Greek and Danish Royal Families.

    From a Wiki article: "Philip has stated that he has thought of himself as Danish, and his family spoke English, French, and German."

    Whole thing here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Philip,_Duke_of_Edinburgh

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    Speaking of osteen

    Joel Osteen
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    Yes, yes, people who don't agree with you are "cult-like" and not "adults". That's not even slightly tiresome.
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    I didn't say any of that. Besides, as bombing the Middle East demonstrates, something that adults do is not necessarily an adult behavior.
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    I work for two for-profits and two non-profits. One of the non profits absolutely accepts and encourages students who are just not good candidates for their degree programs. I feel they just want to get numbers enrolled as the bottom line, not much different than many for-profits.

    I earned my Ph.D. from a for profit, NCU. I noticed someone on this thread listed NCU as accredited by HCL. It is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission, though it was originally accredited by HCL.

    Early in my enrollment, NCU was NOT participating in the Federal loan programs and I found that impressive but students were outraged, and I don't think that stage lasted very long and they were back to accepting Title IV (if that is the right term. I've never had a Federally subsidized education loan so I'm not expert on the terminology).

    I was not in a position in life where I was able or willing to travel to a B&M university for doctoral studies so I purposely chose to do this by distance learning, and the most reasonably priced option that had the program I wanted absolutely did turn out to be NCU, in spite of it being a for-profit institution.

    One of the universities that I work for is a DEAC accredited for-profit that does NOT particpate in Federal Financial aid programs. Again, I don't think the government should be involved in this, especially for anything past a BS degree. I never read the article that was the basis for this discussion, but I definitely disagree with any positions that simply boil this down to for-profit educational institutions = bad, and non-profit = good.
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    My sentiment is like yours. I was enrolled at NCU for a very short time but paid from my pocket. I was also enrolled at Liberty and paid out of pocket. I know Liberty is NFP but it felt like a for-profit. I think how you feel about government guaranteed loans for for-profits institutions depends are where you are in life.

    The US government just gave Boeing a huge loan guarantee – the Canadian government is mad like hell. Because it puts the Canadian Aerospace Industry at a disadvantage. My guess the Canadian government will give Bombardier similar government support and the Brazilian are going to be mad as hell.
    As in the other discussion, I do not think government support is either bad or good. China is doing well with state-supported industries, Russia not quite as well.

    Like you I did not read the article – no time to waste on extreme views. There is a role for-profit.

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