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    Undergrad and Graduate Student Experiences with CSU-GC

    I began with CSU-GC in October 2008, the first semester that the school opened and I lived in Colorado. Since then, I finished my undergraduate degree and also completed my graduate degree. I have seen a few erroneous statements on this site about CSU-GC, so I thought I would clear these up.

    Each semester at CSU-GC is divided into three, 8 week sessions. As an example, when you sign up for classes, you will sign up for Spring 2011 - Session A. This is one "session" of the semester. You can also sign up for Spring 2011 - Session B, and Spring 2011 - Session C. Each of these is a separate 8 week session that does not overlap with any other session. If you aren't really motivated, this allows you to take one class at a time, but get in 9 credit hours each semester. However, if you are like me and want to actually finish can take multiple classes each session. The school's administration will allow you to take 2 classes during one session without much question...however, they will not allow you to take more than this unless you finish up the 2 classes with decent grades and good participation during the session. I was lucky enough that during my time, I was able to take up to 4 classes during a session, and still keep my 4.0 GPA. However, I was watched closely to see if my performance tapered off during the session...not just by the professor, but even Dr. Takeda-Tinker, the school's president.

    Expectations for the courses include a lot of interaction using the Blackboard system, quizes in the undergrad program, and writing assignments during the week and at the end of the course. Expectations for student writing and critical thinking gets progressively more intense as the a student progresses through the courses toward's their chosen degree. New students need to be prepared to prove their writing abilities early. The use of APA in all writing is an expectation that the school WILL NOT negotiate. Anyone expecting to go to CSU-GC needs to buy the latest APA manual and spend time learning the format. Don't argue about it, just do it...your life will be easier.

    Interaction with everyone at the school is outstanding, from Admissions, to Finance, to even the school's leadership. As a student, I have had telephone and email interactions with Dr. Bellum and Dr. Takeda-Tinker, and I always felt I was being treated appropriately and with respect.

    Depending on your situation, the next bit of information is either going to be good or bad. Don't try to argue about "is what it is". Most of the students at CSU-GC have a significant amount of "real-world" work experience. On the occasion that someone without a clue of how the real-world works gets into a class, the other students can typically tell due to the format and expectations of the discussion boards. If you have never worked anyplace other than McDonald's or The Gap, I do not suggest that you sign up for CSU-GC's program. You will struggle to keep up with the discussions, and everyone will see that you have little practical experience. You will not be treated well by the rest of the student body, although the instructors will work with you. Most of my classmates, and myself included, are all in our late 30's, early 40's, and have been in professional careers for a number of years. If you don't have this experience, you may consider another venue.

    The financial staff at CSU-GC were great to me. I am a veteran, but my GI Bill benefits expired years ago. I was able to lock in my course rates when the school first opened, and I kept those rates throughout the program. When I moved to Alaska, there was not change in rates due to my residency change. I did not want to get into debt with student loans, but I also couldn't just pay off my tuition immediately. The financial staff worked with me to create a payment program where I paid a $200 a month, and I made extra payments when I could. I never received an erroneous bill, never got nasty emails where someone wasn't aware of my payment plan. The only expectation was that all tuition had to be paid-in-full prior to graduation. I was able to meet that expectation, finishing up both my undergrad and graduate degrees without taking out a single loan or having a penny of credit card debt.

    As for the diploma, my undergrad sheepskin says "Colorado State University System". There is no mention of "Global Campus" on the piece of paper. I haven't received my Masters diploma yet.

    Hopefully, this review gives you some clarity about Colorado State University - Global Campus (CSU-GC). If you have any questions, you can go to my personal website and contact me. That website is at . As I said previously, I started with the school in October 2008, graduated with my Bachelors degree in Spring 2010, and finished my Masters in April 2011.
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    According to their website, CSUglobal's undergrad degrees are conferred by CSU-Pueblo and grad degrees by CSU-Ft. Collins while CSUglobal is seeking its own accreditation:

    "Bachelor of Science degree completion is offered under an extended accreditation status from CSU-Pueblo and Master of Science degrees are offered under an extended accreditation status from CSU in Fort Collins. Therefore, students who have graduated or plan to graduate from CSU-Global Campus receive bachelor’s degrees from CSU-Pueblo or master’s degrees from CSU in Fort Collins under extended accreditation by HLC."

    Accreditation Updates - CSU Global Campus
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    Just wanted to give you all some clarification on CSU-Global Campus' Accreditation Status. As posted on their website at: Accreditation - CSU Global Campus the current accreditation status is:

    CSU-Global Campus degree programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the regional accrediting body for the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, under extended accreditation from the CSU system campuses.

    Colorado State University-Pueblo online bachelor degree completion programs are offered through CSU-Global Campus.
    Colorado State University online masters degree programs offered are through CSU-Global Campus.
    At this time CSU-Global Campus does not hold independent accreditation status with the Higher Learning Commission.
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    I just finished class #1 in CSU-GC's M.S. in management program.
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    How was your first class at CSU - GS? Thanks.
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    An overview of the first class (Foundations of Effective Management):
    - weekly discussion questions
    - weekly bullets on assigned reading
    - weekly short papers
    - end of course project (paper or powerpoint)
    - lots of emphasis on APA formatting
    - most students from CO

    My second course has a little less weekly writing but longer papers with a heavier grade weighting. 2-3 chapters of reading is the norm for both courses.
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    CSU Global

    The article states that they are not meeting their expected enrollment numbers. Well there are a few things they could do to distinguish themselves from the other online competition and things that I would look for.

    1. Have degrees other online schools don't offer (e.g., upper division, and science with labs).
    2. A lower tuition cost.
    3. Accreditation
    4. A lower tuition cost

    The cost of tuition does not dictate the quality of education. If you want people to join your program stop trying to price it with the competition and make it a better opportunity for your customer. Nearly every online school has a business program, what sets theirs apart? Having the same pricing structure isn't going to do it. Stop listening to what advisers say the public wants and start asking the public.

    I would bet they would see a tripling of enrollment if they cut their tuition by 50%, and don't say it can't be done. They priced theirs to match UoP and CSU-Pueblo is a bargain at about $150.00. Structure their online courses to make grading easier for the adjuncts (so they wouldn't complain about additional grading by hand). Offer more than the common set of degree offerings, and offer a group of self-paced courses.
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    CSU-Global went RA at the end of June.

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    Hey Gang,

    I thought I would revisit this thread since I've now finished the program. It took me just under 12 months. They follow a term base, three terms per semester, two semesters per year. As best as I can tell this is done so that if you take one class per term then you are still a full time student in the eyes of Financial Aid, i.e. nine credit hours per semester even though the semester is 24 weeks instead of a traditional 16 week.

    They will allow you to double up or triple up your classes in each term, supposedly depending on your grades. Truth be told, I think as long as you are paying them their money you can do pretty much anything you like in terms of increasing your work load. The first time I wanted three classes in one term I had my assigned adviser lecture me about "the difficulties of.." blah blah blah blah blah. I went over his head and go the three classes per term approved, did two terms of three classes with a 4.0. Needless to say some of the advisers need to get to know their students a little better instead of worrying about their personal reputation being in jeopardy if a student does poorly. But, like I said, I went to his boss and never worked with him again, no worries!

    I found the curriculum to be easy, plain and simple. However, let me be clear, the Capstone Class and the Pre-Capstone Class (I was the first student to take the new Capstone 581 and the Pre-Capstone 575) are very difficult. They are not difficult because "grad work is hard" or because CSU Global is "hard," they are difficult because the precedence that is set for the previous 10 classes is completely different. You go from a very lazy and lackluster challenge to a completely turned upside strict as nails expectation with zero preparation or "heads up." My theory is, they need to have credibility due to accreditation so the final Capstone class is difficult. However, the previous 10 or 11 classes are super easy. In my opinion, they already get you to pay for 10 or 11 classes, they have their money, so what do they care if you struggle with the Capstone or final class, they got their money, right? To support this claim, just call and speak with an admissions advisor and probe about the Capstone, they will dance around it and say they don't know anything about They know plenty about it which is why they don't discuss it, if you were told the truth then most people wouldn't enroll. I'm sure officials at the school would deny this up and down, however how else do you explain a complete 180 degree change in writing style, expectation, grading, support, attitude, etc? Makes you wonder? Before anybody thinks I'm just being sour grapes, I finished with a 3.89 GPA, I didn't bomb those last two classes, I did quite well considering the previous washout rates.

    Now, the positive. I do believe that the culture of the university is very pro-student. Despite some attitudes from a small few, which you will get anywhere, the support from the administrative folks was exceptional. I think the curriculum was very applicable for a Organizational Leadership degree, despite the work not being very challenging. Lastly, their technology is fantastic. The Blackboard version plus their instant messaging system and email via Google is great, very exceptional.

    Overall I'm happy I can now boast a M.S. from CSU Global in Organizational Leadership, I feel the program was relevant to my professional and personal goals and doable despite having a full-time career, two kids with disabilities, and a pretty significant exercise regime.

    If anybody has any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me, I'm more than happy to share my experiences.

    Semper Fi,
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    Completely rubbish statement. There were plenty of people in the 10 classes I had with other students (I was the only student in two of my classes) and nobody was every belittled or treated differently. In fact, the cohort I was a part of had plenty of career students with no professional experience and were treated as equals. And no, you will not struggle to keep up if you don't have the OP's experience, nobody took themselves as serious as the OP, get a grip....

    Semper Fi,
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    Did you complete your degree while serving? 8 years in the Navy, I am currently a student Naval aviator looking to complete my Masters as soon as I can, this program looks like the best so far. I am curious how the program treats veterans and also if the degree is attainable whilst deployed (I'll be a P-3 pilot, won't be on a boat). Let me know what you thought. Semper Fi

    "Pilots: looking down on people since 1903"
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    Futonnazi -

    No, I have been a civilian since 2000. I completed my my Bachelors and Masters while working 50-60 hours a week in the private sector. To answer your question, this program is very doable while you are working and they do have support set up specifically for veterans. I don't see why you couldn't complete it while being deployed, just need a computer and an internet connection.

    Semper Fi,
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    Hi Brez,

    Thank you for your honesty, and for taking the time to answer our questions. I was wondering what is your opinion if you had to compare your experience with Penn State to your experience with CSU? It sounds to me that you found the undergrad program at Penn State to be more rigorous and valuable than the graduate program at CSU?

    Do you consider your experience with CSU valuable? I am just concern that I will finish the program and won’t being able to meet my employer expectations.

    Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience!
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    Hi, Brez. Did you have exams in your master's courses at CSU or were they all papers/projects (did any of them require groupwork)? If you had exams, were proctors required or were they all online (with cameras required)? Thanks!
  15. taylor

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    Does your degree say Penn State World Campus or just Penn State? And does your grad degree say Colorado State Global Campus or just Colorado State? Just curious, I believe one poster said it just states Colorado State but just wanted confirmation.
  16. Brez

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    JMOR -

    You are correct, I found my undergrad from Penn State more rigorous and valuable than the Masters from CSU. I do think the Masters from CSU is valuable in that I did the emphasis in Strategic Innovation and Change Management, not many programs have this, let alone via distance. Bottom line, Penn State just has a higher expectation/standard/reputation, etc to uphold than CSU, thus you must EARN the degree regardless of the method.

    I guess you should speak with your employer and find out what their expectations are???

    No inconvenience at all, please ask any questions you have.

    Semper Fi,
  17. Brez

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    No, no exams, they were all papers or projects (albeit worth about 30% of your grade in most classes). Yes, one group assignment was due as a major assignment, it was a group narrated power point, about 20 ish slides narrated. No exams, no proctors, no cameras.

    No worries,
  18. Brez

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    The Penn State degree says "The Pennsylvania State University." No indication of what campus, the same as University Park, PA. Haven't received the CSU one yet, I have been told it will say "Colorado State University System" with no indication of Global Campus because mine was done via Fort Collins accreditation. I'll let you know once it arrives.

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    Cool. Keep us posted when your degree arrives. I didn't know about the Fort Collins accreditation. Thanks Brez.
  20. Arch23

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    Thanks, Brez!

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