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    TESC offers an Associate in Nuclear Engineering. I am intrested in the program but I would like to the courses online from somewhere else and transfer them. Is there any university or test exam similar to CLEP/Straighterline/DSST or even a university that has lower and upper level engineering courses I could take by exam or finish a course one at a time.

    Here are the courses I need:

    Area of Study: Nuclear Engineering Technology. 21
    A. Nuclear Physics. 3
    B. Thermodynamics or Heat Transfer. 3
    C. Fluid Mechanics. 3
    D. Reactors3E. Radiation Safety. 3
    F. Nuclear Engineering Technology Electives. 3
    G. Associate Capstone (APS-295) 3
    Electives. 1
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    I do not know of any CLEP type exams in these subjects.

    I suspect you could find on-line courses for items B and C however I suspect the cost would be greater than that for TESC. You may have to travel to the school to take lab sessions.

    For the elective you could possibly use CLEP or DSST (some courses are upper division - my opinion would be to include a business exam)

    Some schools that offer courses for Items B and C::
    Mechanical Engineering (ME) < University of North Dakota
    Engineering Online Course Listing (not sure what site-based means)
    Department of Mechanical Engineering < The University of Alabama
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    At least two courses are available online (Nuclear chemistry and Nuclear Physics & Reactor Theory). These courses are lower division. New Mexico Junior College Course Schedule (click on course for content).
    My guess is that other nuclear related courses will be offered in subsequent semesters.

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    You have a couple of problems with your plan. The first (as you've discovered) is actually finding the courses. Thermodynamics and Fluid Dynamics are both basic Physics courses so in addition to Engineering programs you should also be looking a Physics programs and their course listings. The second problem is that if you find a course with that title it's likely to be a 300 level course and you may not have the prerequisits to enroll. A 300 level Thermodynamics course is likely to be calculus based and I don't know about your math background. A Thermodynamics course for an AS degree is likely to be more basic than the same course for a BS program. Look at the University of North Dakota. They have the biggest set of DL Bachelors degrees in Engineering.
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    You'll probably have to dig hard to find all of those classes. I know a guy with the BSAST in Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology from TESC and he picked up most of his credits from different nuclear schools in the Navy.
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    That was my understanding of the TESC Nuclear program. It was mainly for people already working in nuclear power plants, or had courses from the Navy, but didn't have a "degree" in the subject.

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