This course made my brain hurt: Asthma Management and Education

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    Asthma Management and Education

    Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America - Information About Asthma, Allergies, Food Allergies and More!

    This course hurt my brain. But it's FREE brain damage


    In some allergic individuals, there is a second, "late-phase" response, which takes place over a longer timeframe.

    ... Some of the mediators released in the early phase - leukotrienes, for example - attract more inflammatory cells such as eosinophils and neutrophils to the site by a process known as "chemotaxis." These new inflammatory cells are then activated by cytokines - mediators released earlier by lymphocytes. On activation, these cells release a second wave of inflammatory mediators which are very toxic and cause the more severe and difficult to treat late-phase response approximately 6-10 hours after the original exposure.
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    C'mon warguns, everybody knows that stuff.:laugh::ugh1::no1:
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    It's actually an excellent course. The only really dire part is "Pharmacologic Management".

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