ThirdMill Seminary DEAC Applicant

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  1. Michael Burgos

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    ThirdMill Seminary, a ministry of the respected theological education provider ThirdMill, is currently being considered for accreditation through DEAC. ThirdMill Seminary has two program offerings, namely, a 52 credit-hour Master of Arts in Christian Studies and an 18 credit-hour Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies. At $6,500 and $2,250 respectively, these programs are competitively priced for those looking for conservative theological distance education in the Reformed tradition.
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    It is relevant to note that the DEAC has no candidacy status. Schools are applicants--and have no official status--until the day they're accredited (or not).

    However, the DEAC does engage its applicants prior to the accreditation process to help them determine whether or not they would be considerable for accreditation.

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