The Expendable Workforce

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    Interesting conversation, was well done although they should have included an administrator, chair, or dean. Really starts off as a discourse on minority faculty challenges or micro-aggressions, that led a professor to resign from a high-quality tenure track faculty position with a mere 1 fall and 1 spring semester course load. She was than distraught that juggling 7-8 adjunct courses a semester at multiple institutions without benefits and lower pay, was more challenging and generated a questionable or "odd", as they acknowledged, resume or curriculum vitae. Really unfortunate story, that did not end well, and was covered recently in The Atlantic.

    Other speakers were challenged by the difficulty of obtaining tenure track faculty positions after finishing doctoral or post-doctoral positions, and how their graduate programs did not train them for the challenge. Others were attempting to make a career out of stringing together multiple part-time adjunct jobs, and mention how challenging it is. Along with concerns about why full time faculty positions are so rare and how escalating college costs are not due to faculty salaries or faculty hiring, but administrative and student service overhead. More or less wrapped up with an acknowledgement that attempting to make a living from stringing together multiple part-time jobs, is challenging.

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