The Doctor who was not a Doctor

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    Six months!?! The one woman lost her baby.
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    This article, while certainly emotionally pulling, does not really have much information. I mean, I know they state this going in, but we don't actually know if there was degree fraud it seems. He came to the U.S. and committed fraud. He fraudulently obtained an SSN. He took, I assume they are referring to the USMLE when they talk vaguely of "exams," under different names until he passed (another fraud). Then he was admitted to a residency program.

    He could well have graduated from a medical school somewhere at some time. It's just hard to untangle the elaborate web of lies he created.
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  5. One lie leads to another. The AMA will have some investigating to do.
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    Both of those stories are terrifying and bewildering that they were able to proceed in fraud for so long.

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