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    ... and it appears they've changed the name back to the original, lol. You just can't save everybody.

    They're better off getting state recognition and sticking with that until they can become legitimately accredited.
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    I spoke to the Florida Department of Education, and it appears to be this university does have secular authorization in process with the Florida Department of Education and they are seeking accreditation through DEAC. They seem to be legitimate universities. They had issues with the name and this is what's taking them too long to get their approval. They are putting a lot of effort to keep their name with the state. I believe they are a ligament university.
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    I don't consider a school as seeking accreditation until they're on the consideration list of an accreditor. Many have said over the years they were seeking only to never even be under consideration as a result of not actually going through with filing.
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    Well, while I agree with you. I disagree with the fact that is DEAC requires all schools to be in operation for 2 years with the same ownership and a school must graduate their first degree before DEAC can add them to the accreditation consideration list.
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    Plus there are too many schools in Florida that are licensed but not accredited like Ambra University, Agape University, Aden University. Based on what I understood from the conversation with them, Florida Dep. of Ed. review their schools intensively and in-depth, and this is what makes the state not requiring their universities to be accredited. State-wise this school is going to be recognized without doubting its efforts.

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