The Conflict in the Middle East

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    The news these days seem to be all about the situation in the Middle East .The constant cat and mouse game between the Israeli war planes and Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon.
    Ever thought about the idea that everyone from both sides of this conflict in the Middle East seem to think that they are right in their assertions and claims?
    Ask the Israelis, and you will hear a never ending barrage of views on why they have to finally deal with what they call the menace of Hezbollah from southern Lebanon.
    On the other hand ask a vast number of Lebanese or even members of Hezbollah and their claims against the Israelis will also baffle you.
    All these claims and counter claims have become more of a merry go round of blame game that may not have an end.
    The losers in all these (i.e. if actually there are winners) are the vast majority of innocent people in Israel and Lebanon that have their daily lives completely crumbled and disorganized .
    The vast amount of destruction from this war is beyond words.
    How many more Lebanese and Israeli cities and lives will be destroyed and lost before Hezbollah and Israel will come to the table to discuss peace?
    Where are all our so called civilized nations? Why have they not helped in a quick negotiation of peace in this area? Why are some of them dragging their feet in all this? What ever has happened to diplomacy?
    Let us all bring peace to the Middle East. Let us save innocent lives.
    How many more lives will be lost before “conditions” are ready for the united States help bring the warring parties to a round table. It is very obvious that these mass killings going on in these areas both in the Israeli towns and Lebanese towns will never end by wars. There must be talks and immediate negotiations. It is as simple as that.
    It is almost funny also for the Israelis to think that they will ever completely silence Hezbollah rockets considering that the constant and heavy pounding of the Lebanese cities by Israeli war planes and artillery has not been able to stop Hezbollah in sending rockets to Israeli towns. Also Hezbollah should note that there constant rocketing of Israeli cities will not bring any remedy to the situation. Every act of violence brings more violence and end up creating more enemies than friends. This region is gradually sinking to the level that the extremist on both sides are longing to have it.
    Let us not spend all our time throwing blames and letting this carnage to precious human lives to continue. let us bring peace and help bring back stability to this region and save innocent lives on both sides.

    Kennedy Kelechi Halams
    Mr. Halams is a PhD candidate and he wrote this article from Houston Texas.
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    Peace by the Sword

    The nation of Isreali only had any peace with other nations near them after a war. Egypt and Jordan are about it and there its mostly a respect for Isreali military power and willingness to use it. As far as I'm concerned Lebanon is a staging area for a major terrorist group supported by Syria (who is smart enough never to directly challenge Israel again after a crippling loss in war) and Iran (just is not that stupid to openly attack Israel). The people overwhelmingly support this group. This group also blew up hundreds of our own marines and we sat back doing nothing.

    Lets look at the real picture the only defense Israel has from being surrounded by enemies is FEAR. They have a nuclear capability (they won't admit it but its widely understood) they would USE pre-emptively if invaded en mass. They have the strongest regional army that could even match the United States in technology. And Israel will never be able to negotiate with nations that want them destroyed this includes I suspect Egypt would like that even if at peace with them. Their campaign is to destroy Hezbollah and that means destroying banks that support them, all routes of supply and anything that will aid the enemy, And I hope if the Lebonese army is stupid enough to side with these terrorists they nuke the crap out of the capital. Fear not diplomacy is the best deterrent they have. I hope they occupy Len=bonan and the West Bank again and stay with their tanks that will give them more lasting security as a nation then our talk.
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    Re: Peace by the Sword

    That's because it's United States technology. :p
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    Israel strips the provided technology and installs its own developed technology.

    They keep the engines but all the electronics and computers are replaced.

    A. US keeps the latest and not sharing it with the rest of the world.

    Israel developed systems that better adapt the the region climate and more advanced then what is provided.

    Israeli soldiers didn't bomb a musk were a large group of terrorists were hiding to ambush the soldiers.

    9 were killed today and many wounded.

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