The beginning of Skynet...

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    Hmm, sounds like a Terminator movie is coming out sooner than I thought... Oh wait, this is AI... not robotics, err... Anyways, this AI technology advancement seems interesting, probably a good thing if some country wants to use it for protection against an invasion of another (ahem, Russia, ahem)...

    Link: US in ‘world first’ dogfight between AI jet and human pilot (
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    Well I mean AI is creeping into everything now, because it makes existing technology better. Or at least it tries to. I'm waiting for the robotic cats to come out, which lol I guess is no surprise, but I could get it a Vincent Van Gogh hat like this:
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    I would also like to toss this youchube video on the woodpile here, which indicates that generative AI and by extension the same root problem for AGI, will slow or stop the current thinking on AI. It's an interesting argument, especially when coupled with the ethics arguments raised in this video. Let's see. I know the AI I've studied in school, there is absolutely no worry of "AI Completely destroying the human race" and "they're gunna TaKe OuR JoBs!" lol no, 300M jobs lost? Not in my lifetime. The real problem with AI is the hype machine as I see it.
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    excellent here's an artists rendering:

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    Why fur on the toes and not the rest of the body?
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