The 100% Nonresidential Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Tom Head, Jan 30, 2001.

  1. Tom Head

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    So I'd just about given up on finding an off-campus M.F.A. program when I ran across the external M.F.A. offered by
    Monash (, which requires no on-campus residency.

    Apparently, in Australia, the M.F.A. is a research degree much like the M.Phil. or Ph.D. -- the difference being that as a substantial part of the research project, you're supposed to create a culminating original work that represents the tradition you've researched. e.g.: If your dissertation is on the Yiddish novel, you write a +/-20,000 word dissertation on the Yiddish novel and then write an appropriate new Yiddish novel. And so forth.

    I'll be going for Potchefstroom's Ph.D. program in theology--but if I'm looking for a concurrent second master's, I will probably end up going for an Australian M.F.A. After all, if Monash offers one, wouldn't it be fair to assume that other Australian schools do as well?

    More on this as I, well, figure more out.


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    How is the process progressing with PUCHE/GST?


  3. Tom Head

    Tom Head New Member

    Good question. It ain't, just yet, as I'm waiting for my CSUDH transcripts to clear; I owe Dr. Evans an email on whether I'll want to use one of Potch's promoters or try to get an external one apointed, and given my topic (Conservative Jewish rabbinic theologian) I should probably find an external one to appoint, since I can very probably find a guy who actually taught alongside Kadushin in the 80s. Thanks for asking. How goes it on your end of things?

    For those of you wondering what the heck we're talking about: Russell is a student (and I'm a prospective student) at Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, South Africa, alma mater of F.W. de Klerk, which offers a Ph.D. program in theology with tutoring through the ODLQC-approved Greenwich School of Theology/Geneva Theological School in the UK. GST is one of Potch's 18 or so approved theological schools, and is authorized to act as Potch's agent,
    though all GST-approved work must still pass through a rigorous examination process at Potch before the degree can be awarded. The entire program costs about US$3,900. Anyone who would like further information on all this can contact me or visit Potchefstroom's web site ( and look for the theology department, or contact GST directly at [email protected].

    Good to have you aboard, Russell!


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  5. Bruce

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    You definitely decided on PUCHE Tom? As Regis would say, is that your final answer?

    I think I'm going to apply at Capella, I think I'd do better in their type of learning format than in a Union-type program. I got an information packet from Capella recently, and I'll be calling them with some questions, mostly concerning residency requirements. The website has very little information, and even the paper catalog isn't very clear on the residency issues.
  6. Tom Head

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    I'm pretty definite on it; the only way I'd go for another program would be if they just couldn't accomodate my topic, or had to suddenly hike rates, or if PUCHE shut down the theology department, or another such unlikely event. I'm pretty happy with the program's requirements and strengths, and think I'll enjoy it.

    Capella is incredibly good.

    My understanding of Capella is that a few two-week summer residency sessions are required for the Ph.D., but my memory on this is a little foggy.

    Good luck, and keep me posted!


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  8. Tom Head

    Tom Head New Member

    (Well, this is certainly a blast from the past. For those who don't know, Degreeinfo sticks the current signature on old posts--I wasn't a Ph.D. student at Cowan until early 2002. I lost interest in Potch due to a variety of cumulative personal factors not particularly relevant to this forum, but still recommend the program to other prospective theology students. Cheers, Tom)
  9. obecve

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    Tom, how is your experience at Edith Cowan?
  10. sulla

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    Tom Head wrote:

    The residency requirements are about 3-4 weeks I believe.
    They called them colloquia, and no longer offer focused seminars (2-3 days long each).

    The Clinical program requires one year residency.

    hope this helps.

  11. BlackBird

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    As a student in the Ph.D. School of Psychology (Family) at Capella, the requirements for me is to attend three one-week long colloquias. I am not pursuing psychologist (doctoral level) licensure. Those who are have more residency requirements such as the "year in residency" where, I believe, you fly up once a month to get training in battery tests, assessment, etc. for about 9-12 months in a row.

    For me, Capella has been a 'Godsend.' Even though I am writing an average of about 21 papers per course, the work is doable and is interesting. I calculated that last quarter I did about 42 papers. 40 of them are about 2-3 pages long with citations. You then have a large paper due at the end of each course, anywhere from around 20 to 35 pages long.

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