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Discussion in 'The Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies' started by H. Piper, May 9, 2001.

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    Originally posted by Gus Sainz:
    I have come to the conclusion that in the interest of diplomacy and tact, I am doing a disservice to those who are seriously pursuing a degree via distance education by allowing misinformation to be posted as fact. Therefore, Rich, from here on out, I will be blunt. Let me share my “boilerplate.” The CEU (for degrees up to and including the masters level only) meets GAAP, and the MIGS simply passes GAAS!

    My hat's off to Mr. Sainz again. Thank you so much, Gus, for your thorough investigation, diligent reporting, insightful analysis, and now even a dash of humor in the mix!

    Speaking as one who Rich wore out with his endless antics (his inexplicably stupid factwatcher-style attack on me with DWCox and the aftermath was only the last straw for me) during his reign over the past couple of years as King of the Shillfish, I can only hope you will continue to keep an eye on Rich and his relentless activities promoting a sham like MIGS. (Undoubtedly Rich will reply yet again with a denial of this indisputable fact. Or else he'll claim I'm harping on personalities instead of issues - something he is shamelessly guilty of - while ignoring a major issue I've been discussing, which is his continuing role as a loud mouthpiece for the business of scam artists on this forum and others.)

    (Legal disclaimer for the trigger-happy MIGS legal team: I am not implying that the MIGS ever did anything illegal.)

    Well, they sure as hell haven't done much legally either, Gus. I don't think you have much to worry about. In terms of legal firepower, Enrique Serna appears to have about the same force as Barney Fife - he's still trying to find the one bullet he's supposed to have in his shirt pocket.
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    Please, let's not start another flame war. I would appreciate it if H. would take this to private email and avoid such personal attacks in the forum.


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    When, where and under what screen-name have you 'inquired'? It wasn't on this board under the name you are currently using.

    Are you our old AED friend 'Earlscroft-guy'?
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    Interestingly, I can only find evidence of UNISA-guy in Bill's reply. UNISA-guy's original post does not appear in my listing. Perhaps the administrators quickly excised UNISA-guy? Don't get me wrong - he clearly may be one (if not all) of the incessant spammers that helped to destroy AED, so I certainly wouldn't object to his removal. I'm merely curious...

    Waiting for the flames,


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