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    Doug joining ...

    Distance learning biography -

    I took coursework at two different resident colleges CalTech and CalState LA. I ended up getting my Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies from Regents College now called Excelsior.

    Distance learning possible futures -

    Each year I evaluate if I should go back for a Masters or one of the "first processional" degrees. If my employer sponsors such a program I will sign up for it in a flash and that will make the decision easy. So far each year the money has led to a no decision on my part but it keeps coming back up each year.

    MBA to help break into management, Masters in accounting to become dual skill, Masters in databases to switch fields within IT, JD to make a mostly lateral move within IT into different aspects of consulting, MDiv for my own personal reason.
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    Hi Doug - Thanks for posting. There are lots of people in you situation. It's difficult deciding what to do. I hope that we can provide any information that might make it easier for you to decide. Let us know.

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