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  1. rebel100

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    A few years ago my daughter was on the fence about Harvard Extension for her undergrad. We reached out and you (and your sister in law) helped put our minds at ease about the choice. Forever grateful!

    She has finished her Bachelor of Arts (ALB) in Extension Studies with a concentration in English and dual minors in Government and Business Management. She was taught by mostly fantastic professors from Harvard, and even the Naval War College. She got to spend time in DC meeting reporters like Stone Philips, retired Justices from the Supreme Court, and several Congressmen. She also experienced Cambridge several times and made some good friends. You played a part in the decision and I wanted to say thanks. She is finding great utility in the coming degree. We are off to her graduation this coming week and I wanted to mark the moment by saying thanks to you and a couple of others from the forum.

    I also want to thank Jennifer who was able to provide first hand accounts of what the classes were like and Jonathan Whatley who I even managed to meet in Cambridge for lunch.

    I appreciate you guys!

  2. Bruce

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    Wow, that's great! Congratulations to your daughter for an incredible accomplishment! :beerchug: I'm glad I could provide whatever assistance you guys found useful, and this a is great example of the power of DegreeInfo.

    Just a reminder; she's now entitled to all the perks and benefits of every Harvard alum, including access to Harvard Clubs worldwide. :biggrin:
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    So excited for her, I've been thinking about her graduation all semester!!
  4. rebel100

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    We are really looking forward to the Alumni reception at Annenburg (sp?) hall. Looks like the lunchroom at Hogwarts.

    She has been to a meeting or two at the local Club, warmly welcomed and found a couple of other HES students including a leader. I see it paying dividends the rest of her life.....kinda made her a snob reference grad school though. :) Haha

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